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    Themel 5436

    Thank you, you have answered my questions.

    My friend’s philosophy is an aberration: nihilism, Vedanta and Christianity … He’s a bit lost.

    But I know the lord won’t make us lose, thank you

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    Themel 5436

    So what’s the point of deep sleep? Why does nature need us to sleep? I suppose that the last reality then is to overcome these material barriers and be with the Lord, that we will have overcome the state of deep sleep .

    By the way, and God also sleeps? Very curious question!

    The fact that we are not in control sounds a lot to me like writings from the Qur’an, where it says that Allah controls absolutely everything and that nothing is beyond his control. Extremely interesting the Koran and the similarity with the Gita, saving distances of times .

    Although these things have been used by elites to scare people, they could justify anything with submission, don’t you think? I think that in the end it is a matter of language, self-determination can be understood as that you only create yourself (impossible), but it could also mean that you, by connecting with your source (God), complete yourself and determine yourself, because in the end and after all, the server and the served function as 1 only being in love.

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    Themel 5436

    That God wants to share that happiness does not explain that souls exist, although it could explain it, I have yet to reflect on it. The teacher I am telling you did not teach the public, he could not.

    I understand your point of view, the world is as it is and you can drown in it, reincarnation is urgent. You have to break free, there is still hope if you know.

    Yes, let’s end this conversation, you will find me here in the forum talking about other topics or questions from his books.

    Hugs, Raúl

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    Themel 5436

    When I say it is unavoidable, I am not trying to hike or rationalize a bad habit. What you say is real and it happens although I do not think it is my case. When I tell you that I have studied some anthropology it was as a tool, books are travel tools. I go to places, I experience the culture and then as a complement I inform myself with a book. The issue of evil is simply a descriptive part of that reality and when I say that it is inevitable I am not saying: I will continue the same. No, because I have already said that there is an opportunity to get out of it and dance with God. If you are in the system, it is inactivated, but if you leave it is already avoidable. In my country (Spain) I have gone to towns where they do a ritual where they hang a doll in the town hall and insult, stain, burn, like a ritual, this is how the people express their shits and problems, I have lived those parties and they happen over and over again because the person is still trapped in that system and it is inevitable, but if a person has a chance, he will free himself and have a chance to dance with God, it will be inevitable. Although I write about this it does not affect me, I pass on it, I only describe it because it was part of learning. On God, from him comes what we call Good and Evil, exactly, in Islam there is part of this thought where God disposes of good and evil, but he wants you to only dance with him. It is the soul that chooses. Even so I think that he has not answered my question about why God wants a soul to dance for him, I will have to learn this, I still do not understand. By the way, I know about Kashmir Shivaism because I started with a teacher in Spain, Barcelona, ​​I did not read it in a book. That teacher taught me that the best teacher is the one who does not teach you anything, in the end he he he is teaching you things but you are analyzing carefully until the change occurs.

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    Themel 5436

    Thank you for your words and forgive me for being late.

    There is something that doesn’t quite convince me … when you say that “God can do everything Himself. But He enjoys more if there is someone who cooks for Him, plays with Him, dances with Him.” Wouldn’t you be limiting God to a mindset of human tastes? Does a being as infinite and transcendent as God needs to be danced? It sounds very small to me, but I don’t know if what you wanted to tell me is an example or not.

    I’m studying conspiracy theories, but rigorously. Before all this, I had to read a lot of anthropology, understand the rituals that were done in ancient people and all that kind of thing. My conclusion is that the human system (Ego) and the matrix work by the karma system (as you expose), but mostly evil wins because good is a facade of evil and its tool (in this Yuga). Degeneration is intrinsic in human beings and in their cultures, that is why we must free ourselves and go with God to dance. Everything naturally tends to fall into a spiral of chaos as we are falling today, where the seismic creates order out of chaos, creates fictitious crisis, in short, everything becomes more fictitious, more virtual … It is natural in the Ego and In the Human, the substance of this is sacrifice and it is in all cultures, and as souls we can free ourselves from this, but first we must understand how all this works. In Kashmiri Shivaism a series of hierarchies is listed as you propose until reaching the Ego; the sages first studied this matrix and then freed themselves … It is a matter of the souls to return there or dance, stay in the chair or move.

    Don’t you believe?

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    Themel 5436

    Thank you very much for your words, they are actually wise words. You are right, it requires a detailed study that I will have to have right now and later. I still have your book pending, but I will like to read it with pleasure.

    It is reality that one needs to develop their capabilities. This is the case of the astral plane and as you say, your karma. If many people feel bad, they go to the lower astral and create egregores (mental creations) that can torment us.

    With what you have told me about souls, we can state something very important: really, complaining is within the system of evil. The same constant complaint emboldens you in all the evil!

    But why does God need to create a soul then? Does he need a finite mirror?

    It’s like what you tell me about the knife, what plays here is the way you do it and the free will you have within the Lord’s game.

    The subject of anentropic nature has surprised me … and I did not realize it. For so long, professors and scientists saying that nature exists is entropic, it is an example that they want to impose a paradigm, because if we believe in what is imposed on us, we co-create that reality or paradigm and we become blind. But then (I am a student of organic chemistry), why is the entropy of chemical systems and the thermodynamic process calculated?

    About COVID, my opinion is that I honestly find it difficult to believe in the existence of a virus like this, so it seems to me everything like a great orchestra that serves as an excuse to accelerate the virtual and false society, accelerate control through virtual technology, virtualize everything. It’s like an investment: they want to make matter spiritual when they don’t.

    Nature would not be so “exact”, it is not subject to absolute laws … but it is simply like a person (I think you handle these theories), it is something more “usual” than “subject to laws”, more organic. There is a myth out there called the Gaia myth, which says that the goddess Sophia fell from the pleroma of gods and became earth. This is in the Gnostic texts found in the Dead Sea and in Christian libraries.

    It is true, to free ourselves you have to think more and complain less.

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    Themel 5436

    Thanks for the answers, although I see several problems that we can understand.

    The first is, how to prove the existence of these universes within the matrix, how to access them in this waking life, with astral travel? Where do these people who make these trips go?

    Another question is why God creates this Matrix of contracts, if he is Eternal and Dark (dark because even he is beyond light, as a metaphor). Once knowing that God in principle does not want us to suffer in this matrix, we can argue that the matrix is ​​”designed” in case we freely choose a world without God, that is, God would let us choose between worlds … ¿¿ But why does he create us imperfect, when he can create us perfect and let us enjoy eternally with him? We can answer that he needs to express himself in each of the finite souls to experience duality because the perfect Being He has to express himself as all the finite forms there are.

    This matrix is ​​a good way to define the material system, but I think the question goes further, since these power groups seem to handle ancestral knowledge (astrology, they release their products at specific times, meetings on specific days, etc …) . The issue is that if they do rituals (of any kind, even a social movement of controlled dissent, or invent news that someone has died when they have killed him …) it is because they want to get something in return. What I mean is that the matrix is ​​already made in a way in which evil (on earth) is going to win out because the system has fed on our work, worldviews have been imposed on us and they have fed like that from us, so they get energy. Nature is already entropic in itself, a lion draws energy by killing a gazelle, these people draw power and energy, fooling us, for example, with the myth of democracy and progress and taking advantage of our energy … It seems that evil from by if it is in the center of the system and good is a useful facade of evil, don’t you think?

    Afterwards, I think they are smart enough to want to break the law of karma: if they already expose their plans to the public (covers of The Economists, etc …), then they would be giving choice to the population but it is -blind – I would not see anything and then legally I would not be cheating … We can say that this is really a hoax, because exposing something in public to create a hoax and that they do not see the obvious (the obvious is invisible to the eyes, really they already they have known for decades and put it to the test, they are spiritual principles that they use for evil), and this would be fully a deception, it would affect karma.

    Still, I find it difficult to visualize universes of kind people and universes of bad people, too dual and idealistic, but it can be. What I see is that these elites use spiritual principles for control and that all of today’s society is a theater that they take advantage of, it is like they play God creating a theater but taking advantage of what is generated by this theater, in fact I believe that

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