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    I don’t think any laws can separate us from each other or from Brahman, Allah, YHWH, same God only one God

    So keeping laws or not keeping laws can’t separate us spiritually

    What are your thoughts about this?

    I mean can you imagine if a law can actually separate any of us spiritually, what would that actually be then?

    We’re all one spiritually in areas of same spiritual one body to same spiritual one head., and people then created names., how much of this is created by people., these names and stories?

    So is it the creation of that causes this gang to gang we/they? But still even that can’t separate us from each other

    That being said, I understand we can allow and block., but still allow and block can’t separate us spiritually., as we’re all connected and nothing can separate us

    What are your thoughts about this when I associate Brahman, Allah, YHWH is the same only one God

    One thing I would say is I don’t rely on my own abilities., because I’m already connected spiritually so no need for me to perform and try to connect through approval from….

    So I’ve been thinking this through from reading this thread, is it that there’s different spiritual grammar? And it depends on grammar is how the spiritual topic will go, even though all grammars can’t separate us from each other and can’t separate us from God who’s our spiritual head

    I’ve even heard in a youtube video when explaining that God is created., a further topic to explore., how much is God created, in order to design a gang, even a gang within a gang., yet even in this can’t separate us from each other spiritually and can’t separate us from God who’s our head

    So I think I associate the name God is to help me articulate., words to me is to help me articulate

    So what are your thoughts about no laws, keeping laws, not keeping laws, none of this can separate us from God Brahman, Allah, YHWH, same only one God., as there’s only one head God that is of our spiritual head as we’re all of an area of spiritual body that attach to this head

    and keep in mine when I associate head body its just me using these words to help me articulate

    There’s so much in this thread for me to respond to., but I’ll write this so far

    Oh what I love saying and I keep re-learning over and over., I allow God light in me teach me in the midst of my thoughts., even in this whole thread.,

    oh by the way., I gotten rid of my fb group that I shared when beginning this thread., (long story) so now its only this thread that will be this conversation – maybe for the best, because I can focus more on threads instead of being an administrator of a group

    River Sea

    I apricate your response., about what side of God do we want to see.  Can I add your response that it came from you in my fb group and you’re welcome to join too., I’m learning and I do appreciate your knowledge about this, thank you. I allow light in me and in all of us teach me., and as you ask what side of God do I want to see, white light I want to see from within people flood within them outward, whitelight, fire burn in spirit heart, however mostly I only am fed fire burn, I’ve seen white light and that side is true time and that side, would then be side of light in people then, I think that’s where I can come out of my shell., however I don’t know this word Krishna as so far, I learn about Krishna is Moses from Indus valley India if I understand correctly., however I notice others also use this word Krishna online as well you use this word Krishna, are they all and including you saying Moses then? What is this word Krishna? so thinking of it, what I want to see of God is true time a relationship with true time allow to learn from true time

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)