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    Hare Krishna prabhuji, your response always clarifies doubt and simultaneously gives internal bliss. Hari bol.

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    Hare Krishna Rsiraj prabhuji

    Your this response has touched the niche of my heart. Seriously you are the one who understands the mood of Prabhupada.

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    Hare Krishna, even I also want to say something regarding yesterday’s podcast.First I read prabhuji’s blog post on YouTube comments ,then I watched the video and again when I came back on blog and read the introduction specially those 6 points that he wrote, all those features I found in him (tjump) and his followers.

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    Very useful example and very easy to understand.

    Thank you so much.

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    Hare Krishna prabhuji

    I am reading Sri- mad Bhagvatam , canto 3 , Fundamental principles of material nature.

    The two examples that you have given,  it has just helped a lot to get clear understanding  of  sound – ether- touch – air- form- fire- taste – water- smell- earth.

    Prabhuji , like this please give one  understanding ( simple example)  where it goes from  earth- smell- water – taste- fire – form- air- touch – ether-sound.

    Hare Krishna

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    ‘This is a complex subject and it is better to read some books.’
    Please recommend
    Hare Krishna

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    Hari bol!!! Well understood.


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