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    Hi Ashish
    In this article you discuss how Indian and Western philosophy deal with the problem of perception. But you have not defined what you exactly mean by perception. For eg., you say, “a meter measuring an apple does not actually perceive it”. So we can perceive an apple but a meter cannot. Can a camera (with apple detection software) perceive an apple?


    A camera doesn’t detect color; it measures frequency. A camera doesn’t perceive redness; it measures a specific frequency, and encodes it as a number. That number is then stored, and eventually converted into a pixel value, which is then converted into light emitted by an LED. While the picture is stored in a computer, it is pixel values (or some variation of that). There is no notion of form, size, object identification (e.g. that it is an apple), etc. Image recognition softwares have to be trained with similar looking images, and even then they don’t work perfectly. This is the reason that all websites these days use a CAPTCHA to identify if you are a robot. If machine detection was working so well, then it would easily identify all images and then “I’m not a robot” would lose its meaning. Computers don’t have the capacity for sense perception.


    Yes of course. ML models can’t be said to be recognizing objects at all as seen from their weakness to adversarial attacks like fooling the model by changing a single pixel. Thank you for clearing that.
    More broadly, is it possible to build an artificial eye?


    Yes, it is possible, but not with current science.


    Few follow up questions related to the same article.
    1. You write – “Color has to be defined as a property of the senses” and “eyes can see color, form, and size” . How to explain color-blindness (achromatopsia) ? Does it mean his eyes don’t have the property of color ?
    2. “mind carries object concepts such as table, chair, house, etc”. How does the mind acquire new concepts? For eg., if you don’t have the concept table, you can never see a table. Does the mind build this concept from examples of tables?


    Have you read the book “Sankhya and Science”?


    No, sorry. I shall read the book. By the way, thank you for recommending ‘Conceiving the Inconceivable’. It resolved the question that I’d had.


    If you study the books systematically, then you will get everything. Even the questions that you have not asked will be answered. But it depends on the time and energy that you are ready to invest.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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