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    Prahlada Nrsimha

    Hello Sir

    On youtube, I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations of videos like this –

    This expert makes the following claims:

    • Jaggery is not any better than sugar as both contain the same sucrose
    • The obsession with having food free of chemicals is irrational because food is itself chemicals
    • Eating hot food is no better than eating refrigerated foods. There is no loss of any nutrients
    • the foods ayurveda classifies as tamasik are in fact some of the most nutritious foods known to us
    • Claims of unhealthy food causing cancer are not credible because those who make these claims can’t give the dosage of eating how much of that food causes cancer.

    He also makes other related claims such as – cow killing must always have existed in india because there was no way all the bulls could have been put to productive use and hence must have had been killed because it isn’t possible to maintain so many non-productive animals. The upper caste people delegated this task to the lower caste people and then further looked down upon them for doing that essential service.

    To most people it is clearly apparent that we are much less healthier than our ancestral generations, but people are still getting mislead by claims such as these prodding us to continue unhealthy practices. Kindly advise how to respond to such claims.

    Ashish Dalela

    The answer is nuanced and complicated, so it requires some patience.

    Let’s assume that food is chemicals. Those chemicals are in turn comprised of atoms. Those atoms are then comprised of subatomic particles. Those subatomic particles are then described by quantum mechanics, where there is a serious problem of probability. Under this problem, a stable world should not exist. For example, if you aren’t looking, then the world must disappear. When the world disappears, then its effects must cease to exist. But those effects exist even when we are not looking. Hence, the quantum model of subatomic particles is contrary to the observed facts. All attempts to solve this problem have failed. Without a solution, there is no foundation for saying that atoms are subatomic particles and food is atoms because food is stable and the atomic reality is probabilistic.

    There is an alternative model of atomism based on guna which I have covered in many videos, posts, and books. I call it semantic atomism because people don’t understand the word “guna”. In recent videos, I have explained how a guna reality has three faces. Due to this, it can be compared to a symbol of meaning. A symbol is a thing, a meaning, and a reference. A meaning is at once a space, a dimension, and a thing. Due to these properties of symbols and meanings, there can never be a mathematical theory of atoms. The failure of quantum mechanics is not just a temporary problem to be solved in the future. The failure is permanent. There will never be a complete mathematical theory of atoms. This is because atomic reality comprises guna rather than subatomic physical particles or properties.

    Food is judged by its guna, rather than by its chemical composition. Accordingly, food is classified into sattva, rajas, and tamas. When someone eats tamasic food, his body becomes fat, lazy, and rigid while the mind becomes ignorant, arrogant, and selfish. When someone eats rajasic food, his body becomes restless, agitated, and lusty, while the mind becomes ambitious, confident, and passionate. When someone eats sattvic food, then his body becomes relaxed, flexible, and adaptive while the mind becomes peaceful, dutiful, and perceptive. The results of food intake are studied in Ayurveda and can be confirmed by anyone who wants to transform their body and mind through food intake. The science is empirical and rational.

    Thus, there is a guna-based science of food, which decides what should be eaten based on the type of mind and body one wants. This science is the foundation of the Ayurveda system of medicine so we cannot say that it is just theory. It has been realized by practice and confirmed by all well-intentioned people.

    Ayurveda is currently undergoing an underground revolution all over the world. Instead of taking psychotropic drugs, people are now taking Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, and other such herbs. Instead of taking laxatives, people are taking Triphala. They are trying to solve various health issues through natural methods. This is a silent revolution because the Western drug and pharma companies are envious of the power of traditional medicine as it goes against their imaginary claims of being a superior civilization that invented the “miracle” of modern science while every other society was primitive. They cannot stand the counterevidence because it puts the entire industrialized system of medicine at great risk.

    Therefore, there are three kinds of answers to these questions. First, the modern system of science has failed to produce a theory of matter. By a proper analysis of its problems, we can show that such a theory would never be found in the current system of science. Second, we have an alternative system of science that is both rational and empirical. It has been the basis of life formerly and it is undergoing a silent but rapid revival all over the world presently. Third, those who want to understand and seek the benefits of this science are welcome. We write books to contrast it against Western science if someone wants to read about it.

    Finally, you have to understand the economics of the pharma industry. Whenever a company tries to produce a new drug, they have to run through numerous trials. Initially, they test on animals, then a select few humans, and then a wide variety of humans. This process runs for a decade and the costs of the drug balloon to billions of dollars. Since many of these drugs fail during trials, therefore, the costs of the failed drugs have to be recouped through the prices of the successful drugs. The net result of these ballooning costs is that healthcare becomes very expensive.

    Western nations have created socialized medical care in which the government takes on the burden of medicine by borrowing money on which they have to pay interest. As the debt continuously mounts, it becomes harder and harder to repay the principal and interest and borrow more. That puts the entire socialized medical care under great risk. The future unfunded socialized medical care costs are now in many trillions of dollars. This mountain of debt is unsustainable. When that debt bubble bursts, people will run out of money to pay for healthcare. Then they will be forced to go toward cheaper traditional medicine. A rapid revival of traditional medicine is waiting for the bursting of the Western debt bubble. Once that debt bubble bursts, people will immediately rush to alternative medicine.

    Once we understand the economics of food and drugs, then we won’t be so worried about the problem because (a) the debt bubble is going to unsustainable levels and will not last for long, and (b) there is an alternative already in place to replace the failed and expensive food and medical system. There is active work ongoing all over the world to preserve seeds, herbs, and roots against the onslaught of the food industry. The food industry wants a few types of seeds, herbs, and roots that they engineer genetically although a far greater variety is already available naturally. The food industry wants monocultures while nature is giving everyone food diversity.

    Animal killing doesn’t exist in a society that accepts karma and reincarnation. Societies that kill animals breed psychopaths who initially play violent video games to vent their anger and then buy guns to rain terror in schools on hapless children and women. The psychopath always seeks the weakest person to vent his aggression. Similarly, nature automatically brings wars to societies that kill and eat animals. All societies that want to live in peace therefore abhor animal killing.

    The practice of killing and eating animals is rooted in the Abrahamic ideology of (a) one life for humans and (b) animals having no soul. These Abrahamic societies have risen to power through the theft of land, labor, and life over the last few centuries. But all these things are slowly inching toward a collapse in the coming few decades.

    Most Islamic nations are living on borrowed time as they excavate oil from the ground which is going to run out in the next couple of decades just as large energy-consuming societies are rapidly moving toward alternative energy sources such as biofuel. In India, the farmer is going to become not just a food producer but a fuel producer. The fuel that is grown naturally is not just cheaper but also endless. When the demand for fossil fuel collapses, the economies resting on oil wealth will collapse. They know that their life is limited but they don’t have a clear path out of that situation. They have been funding the propagation of Islam based on the wealth from oil sales. When that oil consumption shifts to biofuel, they cannot fund the propagation of Islam. People will then shift to alternative ideas. Animal killing will come to an end if that alternative ideology is karma and reincarnation.

    Christian nations have lived good lives based on colonial theft for three centuries. As the world wakes up to this exploitation and is actively working toward its freedom from the control of the Christian nations, these nations will have to figure out how to survive without the theft of land, labor, and life. They don’t have any plans. These nations have been funding the propagation of Christianity through money printing. As their economies collapse due to debt, they are in for a rude shock. They don’t have a plan for dealing with this shock because the population has become accustomed to laziness, government subsidies, and theft from other nations. When their debt bubbles burst then they will realize that naturally grown food is cheaper than meat and they will then be forced to move away from animal killing.

    We have to understand Vedic philosophy, teach it, and practice it. We also need patience. We have to understand the big picture of Abrahamic faiths and modern science, how they have succeded thus far, and why that is not a permanent state. Once we understand this big picture, then we won’t be worried about false propaganda. We would rather see such propagandists as cayotes running off a cliff before realizing that there is no ground beneath. They realize their mistake late.

    Prahlada Nrsimha

    Wow, that’s a wonderful explanation sir. Thank you very much.

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