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    Akash Kumar

    Agni Tapasvin the way you are acting 👉 really shows how much you follow Srila Prabhupada. Just like those so-called “Prabhupadanugas” who like to relish in acts of spreading hatred against the Vaishnavas by quoting Prabhupada❗
    I could say a lot, but to keep it short you are simply an insecure, uncultured abuser.

    Lol, No. He’s not a self-realised anything. I have looked at his books. They’re full of contaminated crap of “mental models” and “projection space reality” and all other such nonsense, trying to contaminate what Srila Prabhupada.

    Ashish Dalela Prabhu has successfully  💯 cured my deep-rooted atheistic and skeptical mentality and shown my path to advance in Krishna Consciousness by following Srila Prabhupada.
    Mind you! You were not there to HELP ME when I was praying to Lord Krishna for weeks to get rid of these indoctrinations of atheistic modern science concepts.
    Can you guess to whom Krishna directed me⁉️
    So, in other words, you have abused my guru. It would make sense to apologize from the heart if you really are a follower of Srila Prabhupada.
    Fanatics and abusers like you are a blot on the moon-like mission of His Divine Grace!
    Hare Krishna!


    Ashish Dalela

    I think before WW3 happens, there will be a war on this forum! Let’s not do this. Lord Krishna says at the end of Bhagavad-Gita: vimṛśyaitad aśeṣeṇa yathecchasi tathā kuru or “deliberate on this fully and then do whatever you wish”. Even God doesn’t force His views on anyone. So we should not force it either. To go to God, we have to be like Him. Otherwise, we cannot go to God. Self-attested certificates don’t work. We have to be like God if we have to go anywhere near Him. The purpose of worship is to become like Him. Just worshiping without a change in our nature is useless.

    As far as people are concerned, there are four categories:

    1. Tamo-guna: obsessed with violence, destruction, cheating, abuse, etc.
    2. Rajo-guna: obsessed with material progress, profit, sex, business, etc.
    3. Sattva-guna: obsessed with detachment, dutifulness, and knowledge.
    4. Transcendent: obsessed with Krishna, His service, and devotion to Him.

    One type of person doesn’t get along with the other type. Hence, they are and should be separated from each other for peace. We should also separate ourselves from those who are radically different from us in nature. That is the preferred path. If that doesn’t work, then we can counterattack for defense. But separation is the preferred path, and counterattacking is only when that separation doesn’t work.

    On the other points, I want to clarify that I’m not self-realized and am not anyone’s guru. These words have a big meaning; we are all on the path toward these goals, but attaining them is a long journey. I know enough to know that I don’t know all that is necessary to be known to be a self-realized person or a guru. What I do is by the grace of Srila Prabhupada, and work is its own reward. No separate approval is required or necessary. While I would like others to read, understand, and appreciate these things, I would not substitute knowledge and effort with appreciation.

    In this regard, we must recall the story of Jada Bharata. He was the greatest king of this planet, and after him, this planet is called Bharata Varsa. But in the next life, he became a deer because he forgot about the real goal of life. Then he realized his mistake and became Jada Bharata. The term “jada” means inert. Children would chase him from the villages. People will throw things at him. But he remained inert. And then he was engaged by an ordinary small-time king like Rahugana as a palanquin carrier. Just imagine that the greatest king of this planet became the palanquin carrier of a small-time ruler. These things are bound to happen in the normal course of life in this world. We don’t give them importance.

    As far as what Prabhupada said, he said thousands of things. They were all said to different people, at different times, places, and situations. Each person takes something and universalizes it. That is their own fault. Just like Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to fight, but if everyone starts fighting by claiming that Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to fight so we shall also fight, then it would be the silliest thing.

    We have to understand which aspects of Krishna’s instructions apply to everyone, and which ones are specific to Arjuna. Fighting on the battlefield is specific to Arjuna, and not for everyone. Like that, everything must not be universalized, even when spoken by God, because it is not an impersonal mathematical equation or law. It is spoken by a person, to a person, at some time, place, and situation. Similarly, what Prabhupada said has also to be understood by the context.

    Of course, if someone wants to universalize, then it is their problem. They will own the consequences of their behavior. We can only tell them what the context is, and why something is for one person and something else is for another person.

    We talk to material scientists in a certain language because they understand some concepts. If we talk to them about the soul and God, then they will reject it. So, we talk to them about space, time, cosmology, causality, lawfulness, mathematical constructs, etc. This is no different than the fact that I speak and write in English, although speaking in English doesn’t make me British. In the same way, my speaking in a scientific language doesn’t make me a materialist. But some people want to reduce other people to one thing. If God is good then He cannot be evil. But if He shows some evil, then He cannot be good. This is the oldest materialistic attitude of reductionism adopted by people who are deeply in tamo-guna.

    These reductionistic ideas were applied even to Krishna. Many critics said that Krishna is immoral because He was dancing with gopis. They cannot see other things, and that one thing is the most important thing in their mind. This is the nature of reduction and universalism. If someone dances with girls then He cannot be God because in their worldview it is immoral. They cannot imagine that someone has no sexual desire and yet He dances with girls to please them. Due to the paucity of their imagination and the limits of their morality, they say wild things.

    When such situations arise, we should separate ourselves, because we cannot change a person’s guna by fighting. Only a person can change their own guna by serious endeavor. Nobody else can change anyone. One has to want to change, and then if one tries to change, then one can change over time. Leaving people alone is leaving them to their nature, choices, consequences, and destinies.

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