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    Vijay Bansal

    Hi ashish, I came to know recently that srila prabhupada predicted the ww 3, for example:-

    Prabhupāda: So you are being cheated for the last two hundred years, not for thousands of years. So it will be finished. Within another fifty years, everything will be finished.

    Morning Walk: May 15, 1973—

    He writes in his ‘Back to Godhead’ article, April 20, 1956, titled ‘Blind Materialism’:-

    By the grace of the illusory energy of Godhead we are now engaged more and more in the dangerous type of work in this machine-age. The machine-age is the result of dangerous type of work. When we leave aside the culture of spiritualism, we are entangled in the dangerous type of work. Nobody can live for a moment without work and therefore when finer elements are made to stop working, gross materialism occupies the devil’s brain. The result is that we have now come to the age of nuclear weapons for the destruction of material civilization. By the law of nature, the nuclear weapons have been produced for crushing the result of blind-materialism.

    The peace move of different powers of the world, by the false gesture of suspending the experiments of dangerous weapons–may be very much pleasing to the comparatively weak nations–but these temporary peace-moves will prove useless by the law of material nature. When the dangerous weapons are produced, they must be utilised for annihilation of blind materialism by the plan of the Daivi Maya or the external energy of Godhead. The problem can be solved when they are taught about their spiritual identity.

    The soul-killing civilization is progressively taking to the dangerous type of work by invention of huge mechanical means. The illusory energy is creating this atmosphere for blind materialism and on the other hand she is arranging for their destruction also. Such opposite methods are called illusory energy. The human energy is thus misused for breaking the same thing which is produced by the same energy. It is something like blazing the fire and extinguish it by pouring water simultaneously–a sign of insanity or spoiling the valuable human energy meant for spiritual culture. History has been repeated so many times and many many leaders of materialism like Napoleon, Hitler and others now remain in name only without any sign of the material progress planned by them. De-Stalinisation has already begun in Russia. Nobody is enjoying the result of civilization created by atheists like Ravana, Kansa, Aurangzeb, Napoleon or Hitler. Everything is in oblivion and this teaches us the lesson that the materialistic plans of the present age will also meet with the same fate after a lapse of 50 years. Therefore blind materialism does not bring in any permanent relief in the world.

    The question is that why does he keep using this figure of 50 years? Also if we take his morning walk quotation then 1973 + 50 = 2023, so was he making a prophecy?

    Can you also tell in a little detail that are events like ww fixed to happen because I once read a story that prabhupada stopped the ww3 when he reached america. The story goes like this:-

    There was a nuclear sub stationed off the coast of America during the sixties. They were just waiting for the command to launch the missiles to get WW III going. One day they got a notice instead to come home. The war was cancelled.

    The commander of that sub later read Srila Prabhupada’s biography getting it from his grandson who had become a devotee. While reading he learned that the day he received the order to come home was the very day that Srila Prabhupada stepped foot on American soil!

    I learned this personally from the grandson while I was traveling in Russia.

    – by Dhanesvara Das

    Ashish Dalela

    I’m not an expert in these things. What Prabhupada was seeing and why he said those things, only he knows. But the general idea is that materialistic civilizations are not long-lived. In this post–Why the West Rules the World–For Now–I have discussed many civilizations of the past (including in India) which lasted anywhere between 300-400 years, averaging around 350 years. After that, they are conquered, divided, morphed. It takes that much time for a civilization to collapse completely.

    Such a time could arrive for the modern Western civilization, although it is hard to pinpoint a precise end date for it because it is hard to put a precise start date for the modern Western civilization, since it is not localized to one place unlike Chinese, Indian, Aztec/Inca, Babylonian, or other civilizations. If we count the start of the Western civilization from the beginning of Enlightenment (1685), then we are at the 337 year mark. The American empire, which is the bedrock of the Western civilization today, started around 1700, which also makes it around 320 years old.

    There is broad consensus among many Western analysts that the West is coming to an end, although nobody puts a precise date. One reason is that the West has relied so heavily on the US to lead it, that if the US collapses, then the West will collapse too. If some countries leave the US, or try to lead the West, either they will be done for by the US, or it will accelerate the US decline, or both. Hence, although most Western countries are unhappy with the US, they don’t want to be the first to leave it. But in a crisis, we can see that they don’t support it wholeheartedly.

    The US itself has put all its eggs into the same basket by pursuing bad monetary policies such that if the US dollar is dropped as the world reserve currency, then the US economy, government, and military will collapse at once. Thus, all of West depends on US leadership, and the US depends on the dollar being the world reserve currency. This combination has given the West a single point of failure.

    The US has also steadily lost friends all over the world. It has lost moral standing and respect as well. In the UN voting on Ukraine-Russia war, for example, more than half the world population representatives are not with US, despite the heavy pressure they are applying. Most of those who are voting with them are also not mentally with them. For example, they might verbally condemn some actions, or verbally support something, but they won’t do anything beyond that. So, from a population perspective, the US has already lost the mindshare. The only thing they have now is economy, military, and government power. And all those things hinge on one factor–the US dollar being the global reserve currency. This can be a flash point of a hot war, if other countries start pairwise trading in non-US dollar currency.

    But this is not the only problem. There are many similar things on-going. For example, US competition with China has been blowing hot and cold. China has estimated that they will reach a critical point of economic and military might by 2025, and after that they will go aggressive. That aggression, however, need not be a war. It can just be bilateral changes in trade that drop the US dollar as a trading currency. Once a few such examples emerge, there will be a rapid collapse. The US can of course trigger a war to prevent such an outcome. When a world power sees that others are getting out of its control, it tries to “teach them a lesson”.

    Some astrologers have identified the time from 2020-2036 as one of global upheaval that involves plague, wars, and a financial meltdown. Two of these three have already come true, so I’m inclined to think it could be true. Due to money printing during the pandemic, there is a steady rise in inflation. It is touching between 7-10% in different places. So, the third one could come true as well. I don’t know astrology, and I’m not saying these claims are correct. I’m just citing them. However, the serious implications of this period are already being seen as markedly different from before.

    So, there appears to be a confluence of three quite separate things–(a) a historical trend of 350-400 years for the collapse of civilizations, (b) the fact that West is just one event–reserve currency change–from near total collapse and it is not going to go quietly, and (c) there are astrologers studying these things talking about plague, wars, and financial meltdown in the period between 2020 and 2036.

    Make of it, what you want to.

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