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    Hare Krishna Prabhu. My question is not directly related to spirituality. I am asking this out of curiosity. I have read one of your latest articles where you have mentioned about UFOs and Masonry. These are part of new age conspiracy theories. How should we approach these debates on aliens and UFOs? There are also conspiracy theories of secret societies with occult background ruling the world through organisations like CFR, Trilateral commission, Bilderberg group, World economic forum etc… I have heard from some of the Acharyas that it is Kapalika religion that is currently ruling the world. (Kapalika is an almost extinct religious practice within Shaiva Shakta sects.) Do these occult orders really have an influence on global events? Are they trying to establish a world order devoid of Dharma and Yajna?



    UFOs are not a conspiracy. They have been documented quite well, in fact, probably better than all the documentation around reincarnation. You cannot take photographs of reincarnation. But you can take photographs of UFOs. People have even made videos. So, calling it a conspiracy is not correct. They have been obfuscated historically because they are far superior to the most advanced military technology. Those countries who always live in fear for their survival and always act proactively to eliminate potential threats to their superiority have had no response to such advanced technologies. So, they have resorted to denial and obfuscation. Of course, it is a fact that UFOs can zap all the electronics in modern weapons systems making them utterly useless. But superior living entities don’t interfere in the lives of inferior living entities, just like humans don’t interfere in the fight between ants or flies. They can be crushed at any time and hence they are allowed to fight.

    UFOs are a huge problem for Western countries because for the last two thousand years they have been told that God made the universe with the man as the centerpiece of His creation. According to Genesis in the Bible, God gave man the right of dominion over nature. So, these countries have imbibed this idea that mankind is the supreme creation, and among them, the Western countries are the pinnacle of God’s creation. They cannot imagine that they are inferior ants and flies compared to the aliens and they can be crushed in a moment. So, they try to hide it, manipulate it, deny it, and sometimes call it a conspiracy against them.

    Masonry is also not a conspiracy. It came out of India and traveled all over the world. But since Christianity was always afraid of societal collapse if multiple gods were allowed, they were also afraid of any religion that allowed demigods. Masonry was rooted in demigods, such as the deities of different directions in space, and those of the planets. They are still part of Indian architecture. For example, in the North-East direction is a demigod called Ishan. So, Christianity persecuted the masons and they went into hiding and formed secret societies to protect their knowledge.

    The nature of a fearful man is that he considers a defensive action as an aggressive action because he is afraid that someone who escapes today is going to destroy him tomorrow. Hence, Christians have been afraid of masons and later freemasons. But masons have done no harm to anyone. They send out invitations to prominent members of society and encourage them to join their cult. Of course, they don’t want to publicly share their knowledge, but there isn’t much left in masonry to be worried about. Most of the traditional science has already been lost.

    There are still people who worship ghosts and spirits all over the world, including in India. There are vashikaran mantras to bring people under one’s control. They have rituals that are meant to harm other people. These are not part of masonry. But there are such practices all over the world, especially in places where animistic religions have dominated such as many parts of traditional Africa, native tribes of North and South America, and perhaps even Australia. Some people still practice them, and rather openly, including in India. There is no conspiracy about this.

    Most of the “world domination” conspiracies are very much in the open. In a democratic election in a large country, close to a billion dollars are spent on TV and newspaper advertisements, rallies, flights, trips, hotels, and staff who work on these elections. All this money comes from rich donors who then extract several times the money they have contributed from the victors in the elections. They are given lucrative contracts and tax breaks by the government. All this is simply “campaign finance” and is quite well-known. Thereby, powerful industrialists and businessmen have a strong hold over all governments in every country. Almost every politician in every country is up for sale to the highest bidder, and it is all legalized.

    All powerful and rich people have dedicated PR teams who manipulate TV, newspapers, magazines, movies, and Wikipedia to suit their agendas. They pay large sums of money to big universities, often financing professorial positions to conduct “research” with predetermined conclusions. Scholars who are ready to be mules for such “academic work” are rapidly promoted in the academic hierarchy and their tenures are financed by the bankrolling of the university by powerful people. The same people get lucrative publishing contracts, and they write books with predetermined conclusions. They are financed by the same powerful and vested interests. They live a nice life, travel the world, get invited to many interviews, and obtain free publicity, along with a lot of additional money. All this is not a conspiracy. It is simply how capitalism works. Propaganda is only an advertisement.

    Of course, it is all immoral. But immorality has been rationalized in various ways over the millennia. Without accepting karma and reincarnation, every religion is an endorsement of immorality. The poor have no power over immorality. So, they talk of the corruption of their elites. They hold meetings and discussions to go over this immorality again and again. They call all these things “conspiracies”. Yes, it is a conspiracy against the poor and the meek. But they cannot change anything. Those in positions of power are not afraid of critics. They do everything openly.

    All these so-called powerful people are just temporary positions of privilege. Every decade or so, the richest billionaire list changes. About a third of the previous decade’s powerful people drop out and are replaced by new ones. The most powerful companies have a lifespan of a few decades. After that, they are finished. They know that they are going to be finished. The fear of elimination burns them out. As a result, they don’t age well. By the time they cross middle age, they start looking ugly. They pump themselves with drugs and treatments to look pretty, but they still look ugly. So, there is no need to fear them or even envy them.

    Take shelter in Krishna and you don’t need to worry about any of it. When the Lord of the universe is with you, there is nothing to fear from mediocre people. Arjuna preferred to have Krishna as his non-fighting charioteer over His entire army. Duryodhana took the army. This is the superior intelligence of the devotees.


    Yes. All these achievements that they have made by rationalizing immorality, by forgetting paapa-punya, karma and reincarnation are like collecting water in a bucket full of holes. No use in the long run. Thank you so much for the reply Prabhu. Hare Krishna.

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