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    Sai Saurab

    Hi Ashish
    From this article, I understood that we have to re-develop the six systems of vedic philosophy to have a complete Vedic science on which we can base our society. Have you any thoughts about how we should go about it? Does it look something like the current research in the hard and soft sciences but understanding those results in light of extant understanding of Vedic philosophy and cosmology? For eg., would re-development of Nyaya leverage the advances in modern Mathematics?

    Ashish Dalela

    The original texts must remain unchanged, but we can present a new understanding of these texts. We can call that “interpretation” but it must be consistent with the text, and better than the previous interpretations. I have started that with Vedanta Sutra, and earlier this year, I published the title “Conceiving the Inconceivable”. In the introduction, it discusses the history of Vedanta philosophy, and how successive interpretations had to be done due to the problems in the previous interpretation. The last interpretation, called achintya-bheda-abheda-tattva states that all the previous interpretations are true, but since they cannot be reconciled, therefore, the reality is ‘inconceivable’. The interpretation I have done makes this reconciliation conceivable. And the cornerstone of that reconciliation is that oneness and difference must be understood semantically rather than physically. A cow is simultaneously one and different from a mammal. But any two physical things cannot be simultaneously one and different. Based on the redefinition of reality, the entire text, the process of logic and reasoning, the concept of reality, etc. are redefined. So, these kinds of interpretations are acceptable parts of the Vedic tradition and have been done over the ages. This is what I mean by describing these systems. I plan to do the same thing for the other five systems as well. It is a long project, and it will take many years to complete.

    Sai Saurab

    It is a very noble project you have undertaken Sir. I wish you all success in this endeavor.

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