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    Sai Saurab

    Hi Ashish! Hope you are doing well!
    This is a quote from here

    Since the pleasure of sensation is proportional to the number of atomic sensations, as the number of sensations increase, the pleasures accompanying those sensations increase proportionately.

    Does this mean that there is lesser pleasure in higher planetary systems such as svargaloka as compared to bhuloka as we would be moving up to reach there? Also why is it generally remarked that human birth in bhuloka is the best for the purpose of attaining liberation?

    Ashish Dalela

    Think of your happiness when your boss pats you on the back. The physical sensation is very small (it’s just a pat), but the happiness in the heart is great. Why? Because it has a deeper kind of meaning–appreciation, recognition, respect, etc. Conversely, if your back was itching, and someone scratched your back, then that relief is also pleasure but the happiness is not so great. Why? Because it doesn’t have a deeper kind of meaning.

    So, there are two kinds of happiness–(1) relieving the itch, and (2) feeling appreciated.

    Happiness in the upper planets is of a deeper kind, just like the happiness you get by a pat on the back. A small sensation produces a lot of happiness. And happiness in the lower planets is of the shallower kind, just like the happiness on relieving an itch. The itch relief lasts for a very small time, but the pat on the back happiness lasts very long.

    So, yes, the sensations are reduced, but the happiness is long-lived in the upper planets. If you have got a pat on the back, you can be “high” for a long time, energized, enthusiastic, and motivated, and you don’t need other sensations to give you a “high”. Conversely, in the lower planets, the sensations increase, but happiness is short-lived. So, you have to get them repeatedly, like always scratching an itch. Without it, you will be unhappy.

    In the middle planets, a combination of both types of happiness is present. This means that even if you get a pat on the back, the happiness is not so great as to make you forget your problems. This is because the person patting you on the back is also not great.

    If Krishna pats you on the back even once, for eternity you will be happy. You will not need anything else. That is the power of Krishna’s pat, because He is the greatest.

    Sai Saurab

    Absolutely brilliant as usual! Thanks Ashish.

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