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    Hello Ashish Sir,

    Namaskaram. In one of the articles you mentioned that experience has three components (behavior + desire  + ability). My understanding is (behaviors  (chitta) + desires (Guna)) belong to mind and abilties belong to body. For example  i have desire for dance and wanted to dance in front of larger audience. Here ‘wanted to dance in front of larger audience’ is a possibilty (behaviour) that i want to acquire and convert it to a reality. first by repeatedly seeing somebody dancing on a stage and create strong impression of that in my mind and then develop a storng desire for dancing. now i have acquired a new behavior(role) in my chitta and new desire in my guna and body has abiltity to dance (coordinated movement of feet and hand). Next since my karma selecting the oppornunities from my possibitities i do some good actions (karma) around my dance learning desire (like going to dance school, helping people / organizations wanted to learn / promote any art). In this approach the possibilty converted into a reality is deterministic.


    Mani Subrmaniam


    and abilties belong to body

    The primary ability is mental.

    i do some good actions (karma) around my dance learning desire

    Karma is not activity. It is the consequence of activity. Activity is called kriya and its consequence is called karma. Good karma is created if you make sacrifices for others while performing a prescribed duty. When you make a sacrifice, you get an entitlement to receive something. That entitlement is called karma. If you don’t make a sacrifice while performing a duty, then you get nothing.

    The purpose of spiritual knowledge is to become free of guna and karma. The purpose of yoga is to cleanse the chitta. But you are not interested in these. Your motivation is personal fame. Since there is no synergy between our goals, it is best that you take your questions to someone else.


    Thanks fo your response and sorry if my quesions revealed wrong intentions. I  have been going through a big suffering and still not yet out. I never been to any of spritual exploration until bad things happened me. I am not all behind wordly pleasures but i was trying to find out answers for my sufferings and ended up with in the spritual journey. I know the goal of spritual journey is transcending maya but for me without knowing the mechanism of maya i could not move further in my journey. it is very hard to escape from control of Maya when we have family, job and other duties. Anyway i liked very much reading your blog and watching videos and going to get your books. All my future queries going to be on how to transcend maya.


    The cause of all problems is the forgetfulness of Krishna. Once you forget Krishna, then Maya will take over your intelligence, mind, and senses. Over time, you may also engage in adharma, and then its results will cause suffering. The solution to all problems is the remembrace of Krishna. Once you remember Krishna, Maya will leave your intelligence, mind, and senses. Then slowly you will understand everything, and by that, you learn to tolerate the difficulties of life, and not get deviated. When the karma is finished, then there will be no more distractions.

    Therefore, try to understand Krishna, remember Him, and worship Him. By this, all the senses, mind, and intelligence are fully satisfied. Then this world will not be able to bother you. Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita 9.34: Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, become My devotee, offer obeisances to Me and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.

    All philosophical texts in the Vedic tradition are called darshan. Looking at the deity in the temple is also called darshan. So, knowledge does not mean mental speculation like philosophy in the West. It is not maybe this or maybe that. One has to develop the perception to see, and that visionary capacity will come automatically when we try to cleanse our mind. That vision is called darshan.

    The darshan called philosophy and the darshan called the deity are not different from each other. In the preliminary stage, the deity and the names of God are given for darshan. In the more advanced stage, books are given for darshan. So, chanting the names of God, and looking at the deity will purify the consciousness, and then we can understand all the books. And those who don’t like chanting the names or are averse to the deities, will get no vision and no knowledge.


    Thanks Ashish . I will slowly align my thoughts around your suggestions. what paths are  available for performing kriya without creating karma? one thing i am following is consciously not selfish on my thoughts and actions. Also how do we know we are not creating karma and how do we  know  howmuch prarabdha and sanchita karma left (atleast heaviness of it) while in this journey. Prarabdha karma should be worked out but any path availabe to reduce the heaviness ot it?


    what paths are available for performing kriya without creating karma

    The path of karma-yoga. It means performing your duties without the expectation of results.

    how do we know we are not creating karma

    When duties are performed without expectation of results, then karma is not created.

    how do we  know how much prarabdha and sanchita karma left (at least heaviness of it)

    Nature sends suffering to destroy a person’s false ego, just like a man is sent to jail for his crimes. But if his behavior improves during incarceration, then he is released on probation. Of course, if he has a history of committing crimes after being released, then he isn’t released. In the same way, Prarabhda can also be reduced if a person is reformed. But if there is a history of bad behaviors after being released, then the sentence is not reduced. So, you can introspect to find the answer. The universal answer is that as long as a person has a false sense of self-importance, he will keep doing misdeeds, and nature will keep sending suffering.

    Prarabdha karma should be worked out but any path availabe to reduce the heaviness

    Indeed, there is. You can let go of the false sense of self-importance. Even while talking about spiritual perfection, you seem to have no interest in God. Your primary question is: How can I be happy? The material path of happiness is not working for you so you are trying a spiritual path now. But the moment you get happiness, you may forget the spiritual path and go back to the material path.

    We have seen hundreds of people who come to religion because of suffering. And the moment they get some relief they go back to enjoyment. This temporary inclination is called markata-vairagya or a monkey’s renunciation. The monkey could not get grapes, so he rationalized it: “The grapes are sour”. But when he gets the grapes again, then he says: “Ah, these grapes are very good”

    So, this cycle of enjoyment, suffering, and renunciation is endless because whether we are enjoying, suffering, or renouncing, the central theme is always the false ego, a false sense of self-importance. “I am the center of the world. The world revolves around me. Everyone and everything exists for me”. If we can give up this delusional mentality, then we can stop the cycle. Otherwise, there is no way.

    That ego can be destroyed by devoting oneself to Krishna. This means giving the highest importance to one who is truly important, and not giving so much importance to oneself. A selfless parent takes trouble for the child’s well-being and doesn’t give so much importance to their well-being. Likewise, if one loves Krishna, then they give the most importance to Krishna and no importance to their well-being. If one is devoted in this way, then Krishna is also devoted to the devotee in the same way. This is the true path of selflessness. Otherwise, everyone already knows the path of selfishness. Showing some selfless behavior just to avoid more suffering is not selfless; it is yet another type of selfishness. It exists temporarily. In the longer run, the same selfishness transforms into its gross forms.


    Thanks for the response. Understood.

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