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    Namaskaram Ashish, when god qualities are expressed in Prakriti,  it is always opposite end of two qualities ?? (like tempearture has hot and cold, peace has suffering and happiness) why not expressed in single or distinct multiple  qualtities ?? Please share your thoughts on the duality in nature Thanks


    Ashish Dalela

    It is not two opposites. It is three opposites. And then there is non-dual. A simple example is the following four qualities: Lazy, hardworking, detached, and engaged in Krishna’s service.

    A lazy man is not hardworking. He is also not detached; he doesn’t do anything himself but expects others to do his work for him. And charitable work, or service of the Lord, is impossible for him.

    A hardworking man is not lazy. He is also not detached; he works hard but he expects good results for his work. Due to that expectation, he cannot do charity where there is no profit for him.

    A detached person is neither lazy nor hardworking. He does his duties diligently, so he is not lazy. But he does not over-endeavor if there is no result, so he is not like the man working hard for profit.

    A person serving Krishna is not lazy, not hardworking, and not detached. He is not lazy because he is always engaged in Krishna’s service. He is not over-endeavoring even in Krishna’s service because he knows that Krishna is seeking the quality of love and not the quantity of work. And he is not detached because he wants to please Krishna; a good result for Krishna is pleasing to him.

    Laziness is the effect of tamo-guna; hard work is the result of rajo-guna; detachment is due to sattva-guna; and loving service to Krishna is beyond sattva, rajas, and tamas, and called non-duality.

    In the non-duality stage, all three qualities are simultaneously present and absent. Since we cannot think of these things in terms of ordinary logic, therefore, that logic is also rejected. The logic of qualities is not binary logic of two opposites, and the impossibility of both opposites and neither opposite. But just because it seems logically impossible doesn’t mean it is impossible.

    When we talk about these dualities or opposites, we simplify them sometimes for ease of understanding, just like calling it hot and cold, bitter and sweet, etc. In these contrasts, we are talking only about two of the three opposites. For example, hot is rajo-guna and cold is tamo-guna. But there is a third state called windy which is neither hot nor cold. Then there is a fourth state in which the three states are combined to become “refreshing” which is neither hot, nor cold, nor windy.

    Jayadeva Goswami writes in his Gita-Govinda: dhīra-samīre yamunā-tīre vasati vane vanamālī. It means that there is a slow and mild breeze on the bank of Yamuna, and there is a forest on the bank of Yamuna, in which Krishna wearing a garland of forest flowers lives. The term “dhīra-samīre” means “in the slowly moving wind”. The term “vane” means “in the forest”. The term “yamunā-tīre” means “in the bank of the river”. And the term “vanamālī” means “one who wears the garland of forest flowers”. The forest is warming, the river is cooling, the breeze is soothing, and the forest flowers are exciting. In one sentence Jayadeva Goswami has described everything perfectly.

    In this way, the spiritual world is transcendental to the three modes of material nature, namely, sattva, rajas, and tamas. Everything is warming, cooling, soothing, and exciting simultaneously. It is not hot, not cold, not windy. One needs to know the science of qualities to understand it.


    Thanks Ashish for your response. My thinking now (from reading articles and blogs) there is a god quality exist as abstract and that god quality split in two opposite qualities as manifested. In abstarct there is only awareness but no conscious experience. Tamas and Rajas are skewed in one direction. Sattva is in balance, which is the same as god quality i think (not sure). and there are numerous qualities can exist between boundaries of two opposite qualities like a rainbow. In your example being lazy is skewed towards tamas and hardworking is skewed towards Rajas. Neither lazy nor hardworking is perfect balance and it is sattva. I believe doing kriya while in sattva state would be be in dharmic in nature The question i have here what is the state of being in balace of rajas and tamas. is it detachment or love or servicing God or something else ? what is the root god quality ? Is it just one ?? Balancing rajas and tamas always ends up in  the same state regardless of whatever the type of the quality? Please direct  my thinking into right path.

    Ashish Dalela

    I have already said whatever needed to be said, in simple words, and very clearly. If you are having trouble understanding it, then read it again. I cannot simplify it more and I don’t think any restatement will make it better. If it doesn’t resolve your question, then I don’t know what else will.


    Thanks. I will read your response again with more attention.

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