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    Ashish Sir, I have a few fundamental questions:

    1. If the creator is the creation and creation is the creator, then technically can human beings become god or we can reach or get close to him but can never become him? Were the enlightened beings that walked the Earth at various point in history really god or they just knew what the whole truth or god was?
    2. I recently watched the Kerala story and there were a couple of scenes in that where the approach used to convert hindus out of hinduism is by talking about certain stories such as Krishna having 16,000 wives or the shiva emoting like a human being by crying for his wife, shiva giving birth to Lord ayyappa when Vishnu came in the form of Mohini. This is after Shiva had killed Kamdev but himself had got lured by mohini. I am sorry if I sound offensive but these are certain stories that are used to degrade god as the logic that is given is that, if god is humanized so much that he has all the problems that human beings have, can he really be god is the doubt that is being raised in the hearts and minds of hindu girls.
    3. If god is a person, is it possible to conceive a person without a geometric form because when I have these discussions with my friend, his question is always what does god really look if he is a person. How can we explain the existence of god as a person without showing what kind of form does he exist in?
    Ashish Dalela

    You are asking good questions. This is the way to make progress. I’ll answer one by one.

    Creator and creation

    The creator is not creation but the creator produces creation from Himself just as an author produces a book from himself. The book was previously in the author. After authoring the book, it is seemingly separated from the author. But even then, the author is embedded in the book in the sense that we can know the author’s personality from the book, although it requires a deeper study of the book.

    Each part of the book can be further expanded into a book. For example, we take statements of Krishna and we write a commentary or explanation. Prabhupada wrote such a commentary. Then many people read that commentary and don’t understand it. They might ask questions about it. Many people have come to me asking questions about Prabhpuada’s commentaries. I then try to expand that commentary into an even bigger commentary that explains the commentary. In this way, a simple statement expands into a commentary and then expands into an even bigger commentary.

    This is the paradigm for all of creation. Each of us is like an idea that was previously in Krishna and Krishna created us like an author writes a book. Then, each of us can further expand ourselves into what is within us. The capacity to expand into something bigger is in each of us. We can expand infinitely. But that infinite expansion is nothing compared to the infinite expansion from Krishna.

    There was a mathematician named Georg Cantor who studied various types of infinities. He initially mapped all fractions (like 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, …) to whole numbers because it is possible to do a 1-1 mapping between fractions and whole numbers. Therefore, Cantor said that the size of the infinite set of fractions is the same as the size of the infinite set of whole numbers. Then he proved that we cannot map irrational numbers (such as pi or the square root of 2) to whole numbers. He showed that if the size of the set of whole numbers is N, then the size of the set of irrational numbers is 2 to the power of N. Irrational numbers are exponentially more numerous than whole numbers. This is how he got two classes of infinities. From there, he talked about infinite classes of infinities each of which was exponentially larger than the previous infinity. We won’t go into that at present.

    Hence, it is true that the soul is infinite. We can produce infinite content over infinite time and all that content is hidden within us. Since infinity comes out of us, therefore, we are infinite. However, there are infinite classes of infinities. The bigger infinities are exponentially larger than smaller infinities. Therefore, infinity is not infinity is not infinity. We are infinite and Krishna is infinite. But there are many classes of infinities. Krishna is exponentially bigger infinity than the infinity we are.

    In the Vedic texts, two seemingly conflicting things are said. First, the soul is called infinite. Second, the soul is called atomic. Both are true, but the reference frame is different. When we call the soul anu, we contrast it to Krishna. When we call the soul vibhu, we contrast it to all that it can produce. Each soul can produce a universe that is latent in it right now. But Krishna can produce exponentially more than all the souls together. All infinities are not equal. If we know some mathematics, then this simple idea will be clear to us. The impersonalist equates all kinds of infinities to just one. It basically shows that they don’t know any mathematics. They are just talking without any knowledge.

    When the material energy covers the soul, then this infinite capacity in the soul to create is limited. It is like putting a cork on a bottle of perfume. If the material energy is removed, then it is like removing the cork from the bottle of perfume. Then the perfume spreads infinitely. But Krishna is an ocean of perfume. So we cannot equate the infinite spreading of perfume from a bottle to the infinite spreading of perfume from an ocean of perfume. Hence, there are great souls, but they are never equal to Krishna. They are bottles of perfume that have been uncorked to spread perfume.

    Counter to degrading propaganda

    I will answer some of the points here, but I want you to collect all these degrading stories and give them to me. I will write elaborate explanations on each of those. Degradation can be easily countered by degrading the degrader. But the reality at present is that Muslims degrade Hindus but Hindus are not able to degrade Muslims. If Muslims degrade Hindus, then it is called religious freedom to convert. But if Hindus degrade Muslims, then it is called Islamophobia. All these things are the result of the double standards that Abrahamic religions have used for 2,500 years. Their entire religion is full of immorality but they criticize others as if there is some piety or morality in their religion.

    One of the paradoxes in Abrahamic societies is (a) an extreme obsession with sex, and (b) an extreme revulsion for sex. The woman has been reviled in all Abrahamic faiths through the Adam and Eve story. It is said that Eve is the cause of Adam’s fall from heaven and all descendants of Adam and Eve have inherited the “original sin”. Therefore, it is a man’s right and duty to control a woman. A man’s power over a woman excites the man sexually and makes him obsessed with sex. Still, they revile the woman as the cause of man’s fall down, and hence sex becomes a scandalous perversion.

    One classic example of this paradox in Islam is that when a man goes to heaven, he supposedly gets 72 virgins for sex. Thus, one virgin was the cause of a man’s fall from heaven and 72 virgins are the reward of going to heaven. If one woman could cause a man’s fall earlier, then why would 72 women not accelerate that fall again? But they cannot decide whether a woman is a boon or a curse.

    This duality of obsession and aversion does not exist in the Vedic tradition. Hence, the Vedic tradition deeply analyzes feminine psychology. A man becomes very attractive to a woman if other women find him attractive. And yet, a woman wants a man to be exclusively devoted to her. So, there is a paradox—(a) a man should be attractive to many women, and (b) he should be fully devoted to her. Similarly, a woman wants a man to be a world conquerer and yet remain submissive to her. Again, there is a paradox—(a) a man should conquer the world, and (b) he must totally submit to her.

    Women have many such contradictory desires. The Mahabharata describes how Draupadi wanted a husband who was wise, romantic, powerful, beautiful, and virile. So she worshipped Lord Shiva to give her a husband like that. But Lord Shiva could not find one man who was all those things. So she got five husbands. Yudhisthira was wise. Bhima was powerful. Arjuna was romantic. Nakula was beautiful. And Sahadeva was virile. A woman wants endless sex with a handsome man. Before that, she wants to be wooed romantically by that man. Her man should be a world conquerer. But he should also be wise. We cannot get all these things in ordinary men. But a woman wants them. Hence, a woman’s instinct is to seek many men who will give her many different things.

    Promiscuity comes naturally as a result of this desire. Hence there is an injunction to restrain women. It is not about a man’s power over a woman. It is meant to curtail promiscuity and unwanted children. If the woman is chaste then there is no restriction. But it is hard for a woman to be chaste because she desires mutually exclusive qualities that no man can fulfill and so she seeks different men.

    Krishna doesn’t have the limitations of ordinary men. He is attractive to everyone. There are five stages of attraction too. It will take a long time to discuss them. But as this attraction grows, it becomes sexual and romantic in nature. When Mother Yashoda looks at Krishna’s bums, she feels one kind of attraction. When young Gopis look at Krishna’s bums, they feel another kind of attraction. When men look at Krishna’s bums, they get a different kind of attraction. But the attraction of the Gopis is supreme because the excitement and thrill are combined with shyness and demureness. So they will not stare at Krishna’s bums. But they will steal glances and then hold it in their minds. Every part of Krishna is exciting in a different way. But the pleasure of the Gopis is the highest.

    A Gopi is not jealous of other Gopis because her contradictory desires are fulfilled by Krishna: (a) Krishna is attractive to millions of Gopis, and (b) Krishna is fully devoted to each Gopi. Similarly, for Krishna’s wives, He is a world-conquerer and yet a henpecked husband. This is the meaning of non-duality. Duality means contradiction. Krishna resolves all the contradictions. So, Krishna dancing with millions of Gopis or having thousands of wives is not immorality because the women want that their man is attractive to many other women and yet he remains totally devoted to her. Ordinary men cannot fulfill that and so women become jealous of other women. They think that if their man goes to another woman, then he has left her. But that insecurity doesn’t exist with Krishna. Krishna goes to millions of women and yet He remains fully devoted to each woman and henpecked by her.

    In the Brahma Samhita, Krishna is called kandarpa-koṭi-kamanīya which means sexier than millions of cupids. Sexy is not a bad thing. God is sexier than anyone else. In Damodarastakam, it is said tathā prema-bhaktiṁ svakāṁ me prayaccha which means give me that bhakti which is svakāṁ or self-lust. Bhakti for Krishna is the lust of Krishna, by Krishna, for Krishna. Just like democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, similarly, there are three modalities in everything, including lust. The original lust is the lust of Krishna, created by Krishna, for Krishna. The parts of Krishna have the same lust. But it is not lust for oneself, by oneself, and for oneself. That is narcissism because we are not worthy of lust. But Krishna is so worthy that His narcissism is itself perfection.

    Due to this self-lust, sex between Shiva and Mohini is simply self-lust. God is not unisex. He has both masculine and feminine aspects. The feminine aspect is that which wants to be dominated and the masculine aspect is that which wants to dominate. In Goloka, the greatest dominator is the most dominated. He is a dominator because He is lusted by millions of Gopis so, in theory, He can be dominant. But, in practice, He is most dominated because every Gopi dominates Him. So, God is both dominator and dominated. Shiva is the dominator aspect and Mohini is the dominated aspect. The children produced from that combination are byproducts of self-lust. This is true of all children in this world. In Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says that the material energy is the mother and He is the seed-giving father. In the Mahishasura Mardini Stotra, Durga is described as Viṣṇu Vilāsinī.

    According to ordinary morality, Mother Durga is Lord Shiva’s wife, so how can She be Viṣṇu Vilāsinī? Likewise, Lord Shiva is married to Durga, so how can He be called Mohini’s husband? This ordinary morality is the gift of materialistic people who think that each individual is a separate thing. But Krishna is not like that. He loves Himself. So the lover aspect is feminine and the loved aspect is masculine. In various masculine and feminine forms, He loves Himself in a different way. That is just like the hand feeds the stomach and the stomach nourishes the hand. It is not difficult. But it is made difficult by cutting the hand from the stomach and calling those separated objects. This separation occurs in a tamasic mind which cannot see unity in diversity. The tamasic mind is individualistic. So he cannot see unity. Hence, a tamasic mind is called an ignorant mind or a mind full of darkness.

    We can talk about sex for millions of years but we don’t do that because Abrahamic religions have perverted sex. Indians were depicting sex on their temples. Both men and women were shown in all temples. Even animals were shown in all temples. That is because a temple is a miniature depiction of the cosmos. In India, when a couple was going to conceive a child, they would announce it to the world. Everyone would be invited to bless the couple to have a good child. Sex was not a secret. You don’t hide in a bedroom and say that a stork delivered a baby. But due to sexual perversion, sex has become a secret. So we don’t discuss sex because it has been perverted by Abrahamic religions.

    When Lord Chaitanya met the Advaita Sannyasis in Varanasi, they all accepted that the romantic philosophy is better than the oneness philosophy. They already knew that Shiva and Shakti are one person and yet two personalities. They did not see sex as a problem because it was also self-lust. If the ultimate principle of Vedanta is enjoyment, then how can oneness be the ultimate truth? They had also fully conquered sex and lust so they are free of all sexual perversions. They can easily accept. But others, whose minds are sexually perverted, simultaneously love and hate sex. Later on, the sexually perverted minds that simultaneously love and hate sex started reviling these things.

    Geometric forms

    Geometry is an illusion because a cube reduces to some arrangement of planes, a plane reduces to some arrangement of lines, and a line reduces to some arrangement of points. These arrangements are called metric structures. If you study Einstein’s general theory of relativity it begins by saying: Let’s assume a set of points and apply a metric structure on them. But there is a problem. Which point goes on top and which goes on the bottom? Which one is to the left and which one is to the right? Which point is on an edge and which one is at the vertex? We need infinite choices to make a shape. But a mathematician will say: We are a rational science, we don’t accept personal choices.

    Science is basically hypocrisy. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. They don’t ponder a basic question: If you have infinite points, then to arrange these points into a cube, you have to choose which point goes where. To create a cube from points, we must have a mental picture of the cube. If choices follow that mental picture then a cube will be produced. So, the mental picture of the cube must exist before you can produce a cubic body. We say this very simply: The body is produced from the mind. The mind is the mental picture of the cube and the body is produced by choosing to combine atoms in a specific arrangement according to the mental picture to produce a cube. But the materialist will say: Oh no, we cannot have that. We must make the body the reality and the mind an illusion. They cannot produce a cube like that. But they spread false propaganda about it.

    Krishna’s body is also produced from Krishna’s mind. His mind is sad-ujjvala-vigrahasya or the form of six effulgent qualities called knowledge, beauty, renunciation, wealth, power, and fame. The effulgence of the mind is that it spreads these six qualities, beginning with Krishna’s body. Krishna’s body is beautiful because His mind is beautiful. We don’t get a beautiful body with an ugly mind in Krishna. That discrepancy arises only due to karma. A person with good karma can have a beautiful body with an ugly mind. But when karma ends, the body is exactly according to the mind.

    Even as the body shape looks like our shape, it is not, because we can look at an attractive shape for some time. After that, the attraction ends. When a man and a woman have sex, the attraction is temporary. After the act, the attraction is finished and both turn to their side of the bed and sleep. This temporary attraction is also created by karma. If karma is finished, then there is no attraction. But there is an attraction for Krishna eternally. It doesn’t go away. It doesn’t ever decrease. This attraction is called non-reducing. There is never a reduction. It grows continuously. This is because it is not created by karma and behind the beautiful body there is an even more beautiful mind.

    So Krishna looks like us in terms of the body, but He is not like us in terms of the mind. The same type of body can be produced by a different mind. This is called underdetermination of causality. We can know the effect if we know the cause. But if we try to infer the cause from the effect, there can be mistakes. Hence, Anumāna or inference of cause from effect is (a) sometimes accepted because we can know what the cause is not from the effect, and (b) it is sometimes rejected because we cannot know what the cause is from the effect. For example, if we hear a bark, we can infer that the cause is not a donkey. But we cannot be sure if a dog is producing the bark or it is being produced by a man.

    Hence, some people deride Krishna for immoral activities because they think that He has a dirty mind. But other people appreciate Krishna’s activities because they know that His mind is beautiful. Krishna is often derided even by Hindus because they have a sexually perverted mind which means that they simultaneously love and hate sex. In private life, they will be watching pornography where one man has sex with many women, and in public life, they will be criticizing Krishna’s immorality. Other religions have picked up this criticism because their minds are also sexually perverted.

    But there is an answer to all these questions. It takes time to understand the answer.


    Hello Sir, I understand your point but the issue is there are many stories like this in various puranas that are either contradictory or making people question whether Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are really gods or just a figment of human imagination as they are behaving just like humans in various contexts.

    Another point that I want to know about is that, you explained female behaviour as contradictory because they want mutually contradictory qualities and traits in a man. If that is the case, can men like me ever become someone that any woman can love because as you said, we cannot become Krishna who has all the qualities. And if the answer is no, what is the logic of promoting monogamy because monogamy is only possible if one man has all the traits a woman needs or else she will leave him or include more men in her life.

    Ashish Dalela

    If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. You can choose whether you want to be a part of the problem or the solution. You become a part of the problem when you start echoing what other people are saying rather than asking specific questions, discussing the answers, and taking those answers back to the people who are having such doubts. The choice is yours.

    Big problems can excite and motivate you. Big problems can also demoralize and demotivate you. The difference lies with you. The number of problems I have faced and solved can fill up books. But I never talk about that because I don’t want to complain about my problems. I think it was a privilege to go through those problems, solve them, and it benefitted me a lot. What I find amazing is that people don’t want to read the available books, get the answers, and take those answers to others.

    Finally, when you say that “people” are questioning, it includes you. The same questions exist in your mind and you don’t know the answers. This should be a wake-up call to start asking the questions, getting the answers, and starting the discussion. But if you don’t even want to collect the questions, find the answers, and then take them to others then the problem is lethargy, inertia, laziness.

    If you were hungry along with a thousand other hungry people, there would be no solace in saying that thousands of people are hungry. Every hungry person wants food. A million other hungry people don’t reduce your hunger. The hunger in you remains unchanged. But if there is no hunger, then the problem is generalized, shifted to other people, and accepted as if it is not a serious problem.

    Regarding love, let me break it to you as straight as I can: Nobody loves you in this world. Loving means giving spontaneously. That spontaneity comes when the soul is purified. Otherwise, there is selfishness. As long as the selfishness is fulfilled, the relationship goes on. The day it is not fulfilled, the relationship breaks. That is not just the quality of a woman. That is your quality too. Women have more and varied desires, but they also know how to compromise. Women are not getting everything they want, but they are compromising. They realize that there is a limit to what they can get. Hence when married women gather together to talk, they always complain about their husbands. But when they go back, they are fine. Complaining is not a serious thing for them. They complain because they want more but it is not serious because they have compromised. Finally, everyone gets a partner according to their destiny. You cannot get better, but by foolishness, you can get worse.

    Monogamy is promoted to curtail desires. There is no end to these desires. You can fulfill ten desires and there will be a hundred more. You cannot fulfill those. So you will be more frustrated. Hence, the prescription is to minimize the desires, fulfill what you absolutely need, and not fulfill all that you want. Understand the difference between needs and wants, and you will understand a number of these things. A woman may want ten men, but she needs at least one man. A man may want ten women, but he needs just one woman. If someone has no need, that is even better. Those who can reduce their wants to their needs become peaceful and happy. Those who make their wants their needs become disturbed and unhappy. So the choice of happiness is in your control.

    Finally, don’t try to compete with Krishna. Never think that because Krishna gets so many girls so I should at least get one girl. If you and the girl are devotees, your relationship will be strong because there is a third person, namely Krishna, binding you together. Otherwise, the bond between man and woman is not very strong. It was previously made strong by a joint-family system. It is easy to break one bond. It is difficult to simultaneously break a dozen bonds. Husband and wife were joined together because they were joined to many people who were also joined to each other. But Western individualism has broken the joint family into the nuclear family, which is now fragmenting because the cementing factor in married life has been removed and so fragmentation is natural.

    Try to understand that all your problems are due to Westernization. That includes all these ideas about a woman loving me or me loving a woman. This nonsense is coming from Western propaganda shown in movies and advertisements. But in reality, in the West, marriage is a contract. All the vows that people exchange at the altar mean nothing. To hold and behold until death do us part is not the reality. These vows are broken easily. So these are lies that two people tell each other in front of hundreds of people who know that it is all a lie. They cannot just say: I marry you and you marry me and so it is done and now let’s go to eat. They have to make a song and dance about it. It is just for entertainment. There is no gravity in it.

    The reality is the marriage contract. That contract can be terminated by either party, which is called divorce. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda on love. Real marriage is not about love. It is about duty. Two people commit to each other to protect, serve, and improve each other. That is duty. It is done selflessly. If that selfless duty is performed, then there is peace, calmness, and contentment. There is safety and security in a relationship. If your partner is not running away then there is stability.

    Whatever people call love is nothing but lust. All those talking about love are having sex at numerous places like dogs on a street corner. Whichever dog they can find, they smell the behind and start their activity. That smelling the behind and liking the smell is called love. It is not love. It is lust. The demigods are staying in heaven. There are millions of beautiful women. But they never talk about love. In all the Vedic texts, you won’t find a single couple ever talking about love. They will say: He or she has so many good qualities that he or she is a worthy husband or wife. That’s the extent of it. But in the West, they talk about love. It is for entertainment, timepass, and fantasy.

    The reality is that in the West, 2/3rd of all marriages end in divorce. That is after they go through years of dating, finding compatibility, and so on. But in India, there was no divorce. Good or bad, the marriage is fixed. If it is bad, then accept it, curtail all your desires, and use the opportunity to purify yourself. If it is good, then find ways to do things together for spiritual upliftment. We taught people how to make every crisis an opportunity and an opportunity was already an opportunity. So everything was positive. No unhappiness. No insecurity. But these things will happen only if you study, understand, and imbibe. If you remain in ignorance then you can chase imaginary love.

    Prabhupada writes in a few places that a he-ass goes for sex to a she-ass, and gets kicked many times. Then after getting kicked many times, he probably gets something he wants. But because he was kicked so much that when he gets something small, he considers that itself a big thing. This is why he is called an ass. He is getting kicked for something very small. But he thinks that this itself is great. If you can understand it, that’s good. Otherwise, you can also get kicked and realize it.

    To sum up, I’m not a relationship consultant. When we get spiritual knowledge, we get knowledge in all departments. But one who tries one department doesn’t get anything. So, please don’t ask me about women and relationships. I have explained a general point about feminine psychology and how it is unfulfilled in the material world and how it is fulfilled in the spiritual world. If your follow-up question is “So, how am I going to get love?” then you have completely missed what I said.


    Hello Sir, thank you so much for that answer. I am trying to collect as many stories as I can find to send it to you. I wanted to get clarity on one thing: you said that the vedic texts don’t talk about love but about qualities that people have and therefore, can come together as husband and wife. But in some of the puranic stories like the episode between Shiva and Mohini, there is self-lust. Don’t you think that there is some contradiction as on the one hand we are promoting duty and spiritual growth but on the other we have these stories about our devatas where they are behaving just like human beings whose soul has not been purified? Because as I understand it, lust or in this case self-lust is definitely not commensurate with spiritual growth but acts as a distraction to it. The reason why I am asking this is because I think that some of these stories could have been introduced by hindus to malign the devatas. For example, vishnu followers trying to prove vishnu’s supremacy while shiva’s followers doing the opposite. I genuinely want to reach a position where I can confidently counter the propaganda against hinduism but I fell that these stories are coming in the way of them. I will definitely collect as many stories as I can to send it to you.

    Ashish Dalela

    Don’t you think that there is some contradiction as on the one hand we are promoting duty and spiritual growth but on the other we have these stories about our devatas where they are behaving just like human beings whose soul has not been purified? Because as I understand it, lust or in this case self-lust is definitely not commensurate with spiritual growth but acts as a distraction to it.

    Lord Shiva and Mohini are not devatas. In the Bhagavata Purana, Mohini is described as one of the 24 incarnations of Krishna. She is the 13th incarnation. Lord Shiva is also a partial aspect of Krishna.

    Krishna has a feminine aspect. This aspect of Krishna is a voluptuous, sexy, and alluring woman. It is not a devotional aspect like Lakshmi or Radha. We sometimes talk about gold-digger women. They are sexy. But they want something from a man. The devotees don’t want anything from the Lord. Sexy is also an aspect of Krishna. But it is rarely displayed. Krishna also has an ego aspect, personified by Lord Shiva. Mohini and Lord Shiva are not devatas. They are different aspects of Krishna.

    Then there is an attraction between an egoistic man and a sexy woman who wants something from the egoistic man. The egoistic man’s ego is boosted when he sees a woman who wants something from him. The sexy woman offers herself in exchange for whatever that man has to offer. This is not an unconditional relationship. There is conditionality in it. But there is no meanness, jealousy, hatred, or cheating. A man has something to offer and a woman gives herself to that man in exchange for what he has to offer. This is not cheating. But it is not the purity of unconditional devotion.

    When our mind is perverted, then we see something and interpret that it must be just like what we are. I have explained in my answer above that Krishna’s activities look dirty but His mind is not dirty. But if you have a dirty mind, then you think that Krishna has a dirty mind. This is why all Acharyas say that we don’t study the intimate pastimes of the Lord unless we thoroughly know philosophy. The reason is that when the mind is unclean, then we think of everything in terms of that dirt. Then we cannot differentiate between various relationship types. There is a world of difference between the Mohini-Shiva relationship and the Lakshmi-Viṣṇu relationship. A mind filled with sex cannot fathom it. If we talk in detail about it, then to the dirty mind it will seem like pornography. So we don’t.

    The reason why I am asking this is because I think that some of these stories could have been introduced by hindus to malign the devatas. For example, vishnu followers trying to prove vishnu’s supremacy while shiva’s followers doing the opposite. I genuinely want to reach a position where I can confidently counter the propaganda against hinduism but I fell that these stories are coming in the way of them. I will definitely collect as many stories as I can to send it to you.

    Now you are displaying your dirty mind. Since your mind has a cheating propensity, therefore, what you don’t understand is attributed to others’ cheating propensity. I explained in great detail above how Abrahamic faiths have a sexually perverted mind. There is a long history to it, which I have explained also. It is this sexually perverted mind that sees perversion everywhere. It cannot see the deeper reality. It just sees the superficial reality. And then it thinks that if the superficial reality is just like my perverted reality then the deeper reality must also be like my perverted deeper reality. But you have disregarded the problems of sexual perversion, and now you are again back to talking about maybe someone introduced this to malign. Your mind is malign which is why it seems malign to you. The problem of a dirty mind is not just in others. It is also deeply present within you.

    Likewise, there is no problem with Shiva and Vishnu supremacy. I have explained this a few times, at great length in the Vedanta commentary, and in The Validity of the Shiva Purana. You will know the answer if you read. But you are not reading. You are just complaining. It is someone else’s fault that you don’t know. It is never an individual’s fault. Shifting the blame is a common thing these days.

    Hindus have painted a target on their backs by talking about stories without philosophy. In every Vedic text, both are presented. Generally, the philosophy is presented before the story. But even if the order is changed, the philosophy is never ignored. But Hindus read the story and ignore the philosophy. That is because they are not intelligent. They think that just by reading stories they have become religious people. They have made a religious person an ignorant person. When you just know stories and don’t know philosophy then you are just like a person in Abrahamic faith who has no philosophy and only talks about stories. So they will attack your stories because you have so many of them, and you cannot attack their stories because you don’t even know what they are.

    This is why I am telling you their stories and explaining our stories. It requires philosophical understanding which is given in all Vedic texts along with stories but Hindus have neglected that philosophy and are just relying on stories. Now through the attacks of Muslims and Christians, you know that just knowing the story is not enough. You have to know philosophy as well.

    I see this as a positive development. Let them attack more because this is the only way to awaken sleeping Hindus. This is the only way that complacent people can be brought out of their complacency. Muslims and Christians are doing you a great service. Hindus have been sleeping for more than a thousand years. They read a little bit about Advaita and think that they know something. They don’t know squat. Zero. Nada. Zilch. They are completely ignorant. They are sleepwalking through life and claiming to be a historically superior civilization. By reading the stories of great people, you think that you have nothing to do. Somebody else has already done the hard work for you to feel great. This lazy approach to greatness is the hallmark of most Hindus.

    Factually, I have little sympathy for present-day Hindus and Hinduism because they don’t read a single book. Muslims read the Koran. Christians read the Bible. But not even 1% of Hindus have read the Bhagavad-Gita. When you don’t read, then you don’t ask anything. Ignorance is bliss.

    I haven’t watched the movie you are talking about, and I don’t intend to. I already know that Hindus don’t know anything. So anyone can easily brainwash them. Muslims and Christians are doing that to convert Hindus because the Hindus don’t know anything. If you know something then how can you be brainwashed? You are brainwashed because of your ignorance. When they are brainwashed, they don’t do further inquiry. They just accept everything. So they are not just ignorant. They are also lazy. Their suffering is created by their ignorance and laziness. Nobody else can be blamed for it.

    So you can collect stories and I will try to answer them. But you will not bring any change in anyone unless you bring a change in yourself. That begins by reading complete books end-to-end, not by giving answers to some story. When your goal is to convince others without bringing a change in your life, then if you answer 10 questions, 100 more will arise. If you answer 100 questions, then 1000 more will arise. I cannot answer everything. You have to be able to answer them on your own. That will happen if you study, practice, and alter your life. Not just driven by politics but by the desire for self-realization and God-realization. Politics is just a temporary wake-up call for sleeping beauties.


    Hello Sir, I am trying to send the links but due to some reason, the website is not accepting. Could you tell me alternative way to send you the links to the problematic articles?

    Ashish Dalela

    You can use the contact page:


    <p>Hello Sir, I have sent the link through the contact page. Please let me know when you write a detailed post on them.</p>

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