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    Sunil Sharma

    Hi Ashish

    I recently came to know about a person Shri Yukteshwar Giri and that he has rejected the duartion of yugas as we know. In his book he has shown that the duration of yugas are 4800, 3600, 2400 and 1200 years for Satya, Treta, Dvapar and Kali. He also tries to show that the general way these durations are calculated which results into 1728000, 1296000, 864000, and 432000 years, is the wrong way of calculting these durations. All of this can be read here.

    Reading this confused me about the calculation of yugas. So can you please clarify and explain this subject matter in detail?

    Ashish Dalela

    Why do I get the privilege of commenting on Yukteshwar Giri? I’m sure you can find people much more qualified than me to discuss these exalted topics. Please find them and excuse this ignorant fool.

    Sunil Sharma

    Sorry but it was not my intention to ask you to comment on Yukteshwar Giri. It was that his arguments confused me regarding this subject matter and I couldn’t find a counter. I also was not able to counter it myself because I do not know many things. I approached you so that I could clarify my confusion. I apologize if I shouldn’t have.

    Ashish Dalela

    One solar revolution is one day of the demigods. 360 such days constitute one year of the demigods. The demigods stay in their position for 100 years. When 12 such generations of demigods have passed, then kali-yuga is said to have passed. The four ages are described in terms of the legs of dharma. Kali-yuga has one leg of truthfulness, and the successive ages have two, three, and four legs. Accordingly, the chatur-yugi is 10 times the duration of kali-yuga. Below are the calculations:

    • Kali-yuga: 360 * 100 * 12 = 432,000 solar years
    • Chatur-yugi: 4,320,000 solar years

    The following is the quote from Mystic Universe:

    Central to the definition of a chaturyugi is the idea of a devavarsh or “demigod year” which is 360 human years (1 year of the humans is 1 day of the demigods). Just as humans live for 100 human years, the demigods live for 100 demigod years. When 12 such demigods have been replaced (1200 demigod years have passed) the kali-yuga is said to be completed. Similarly, the other yuga are twice, thrice and four times longer than the kali-yuga. By this calculation, the age of 4 yuga is 4,320,000 years.

    In Chapter 11 of the book, there is a detailed description from atomic time to the age of the universe. Every step of the calculation is explained in detail. If someone has read it, then there are lots of interesting questions that could be asked.

    • Why is a solar year 365.25 days but a lunar year 360 days?
    • Why is lifetime given by lunar year days rather than solar year days?
    • Why should 12 generations of demigods pass before kali-yuga ends?
    • What are the four legs of dharma that dominate in each yuga?
    • Why does the duration increase by adding a leg of dharma?

    I set up this forum for those who read Vedic texts and have the intellectual curiosity to ask the above types of questions. But you haven’t read my books, or the Purana, have you? So how can you ask the above questions? And you prefer to read books other than the books we give you, and ask me to resolve their contradictions.

    These fake intellectuals studied in Christian missionary schools and were heavily influenced by Western thinking. They did not have the intellectual capacity, the inclination, or the scientific knowledge, to challenge the falsehoods they were being taught. So, they tried to synthesize East and West. If you cannot defeat the opponent, then join him. By moving over to the winning side, you will no longer be the loser. When Vedic descriptions don’t match modernity, change them to fit modernity. These guys forcibly applied the Western idea of religious reformation on sanatana-dharma. Truth is no longer eternal. It is modified by each generation.

    Of course, there were and still are problems in the practice of Hinduism. But they are not problems in what Veda Vyas has written. There is a need to reform Hindus but no need to reform Veda Vyas. But fake intellectuals try to reform Veda Vyas. Once it begins, there is no end to it. One by one everything will be changed. Indians opened the door to changing Vedic ideas, rather than following the parampara system of education. The West simply walked through the door. Now you cannot complain about the West changing these ideas because Indian gurus started it.

    There are hundreds of quacks in India, who don’t read Veda Vyas or reject all his works. They mix folklore with sex and meditation and call themselves gurus. These rascals have produced books just to satisfy their ego, and to cheat common men.

    It is said that in the kingdom of the blind, the man with one eye is the king. And the man with two eyes has to justify himself, in the flawed assessment of the non-existent eyes of the blind men, to be better than a one-eyed man, because the blind men will not read, not invest the energy and time to develop their own vision.

    Don’t feign confusion or ignorance. Understand that you are too lazy to study seriously and thus you remain ignorant and confused. It is not anybody else’s fault. You are not struggling to fix your flaws, which is why a problem exists.

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