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    Hello Ashish

    In one of your post you mentioned that composite forms are created by combining primary forms (atom). The intellegence behind combining primary forms is eternal?? in other words,  when the universe recreated the composite forms are going to be same as before?? all the structure (combinations) always existed but not manifested ?? The evolution process brings the unmanifested state to manifested ?? why there is no further evolution after human structure ??



    Ashish Dalela

    There are dozens of places where I have explained that all forms are eternal. Asking a question to reconfirm it is not a good approach. In those same places, I have explained that the forms are manifest occasionally due to the presence of consciousness or some person. If something is not manifest, then there is a reason, namely the will of the person. There may be other reasons but the ultimate reason is always the will of some person. If you ask what is already present in many places, and repeated many times, then it means either you have not read, or you can’t believe that such a thing has been said. You think maybe there is a mistake and you should reconfirm it by asking again. I cannot solve the problem of your inability to read or inability to accept what you are reading. If you want to ask, then frame a reasonable objection as to why you think that there is a problem.

    Also, try to put your questions to the test against a grammar and spellcheck tool. There are many free tools available these days. It is very hard to understand what you are saying. I understand that you think in your mother tongue and you translate it in English, so someone who knows your mother tongue will be able to translate it back and it would make perfect sense to them. But that is not possible always for everyone. So, please make an effort to phrase the questions correctly.

    There is benefit in a spiritual path only to the extent that you endeavor. If you don’t endeavor, and take the easy way, then there will be no progress. The trend nowadays is laziness. If someone is available to answer the question, then why should we spend the effort in reading? This is the antithesis of spiritual life.

    When I was young, I was ashamed of asking simple questions. I would read and try to answer every question. If after a lot of effort I still had a question, then I would ask someone. By that time, I would have pondered the issue from many angles. There was no internet, no telephone. There were only paper books in libraries. And we had to cycle or walk to the library, find the appropriate section, pick a book and read quietly. The maximum shortcut available was the table of contents and index at the end of the book. And then if a book gave a reference, I would find that book and read it too. This is how we became stronger, more resilient, knowledgeable, and self-reliant. To find the answer to one question, we would read a lot of other things, explore a lot of things, and gather much more knowledge. This is necessary training. Today you just enter keywords and hit enter and a search engine will give you everything. Still, you are not doing that search, which is quite amazing.

    These qualities of self-discipline, hard work, clarity, cleanliness, continuous endeavor, and resilience are a million times more important than what is manifest and unmanifest. Cultivate these diligently, and you will understand philosophy when you begin to perfect your personal qualities. Knowledge was not imparted immediately to everyone who wanted knowledge. The first job of the student is to beg alms, sweep the floor, collect firewood from the forest, milk the cow, assist in menial tasks, lead a simple life, sleep on the floor, take shower in cold water, get up early in the morning, and maintain a strictly disciplined life. There is a reason for this. This is how you become mentally strong. This is how you develop willpower. Self-discipline, hard work, tolerance, patience, sincere effort, resilience, humility, and cleanliness are a million times more important than reciting some shloka.

    It was a teacher’s duty to train a student into strong character before giving them knowledge. If you don’t develop a strong character and discipline, then all the books are useless, because the book may be in sattva-guna but the reader is in tamo-guna. So, how can the reader understand the book unless he himself comes to sattva-guna? Most people cannot understand this fundamental point. They think they will read a book and understand it. No, you cannot understand without character development. Even if we explain a hundred times, you will not understand. That is not the author’s fault. That is not the fault of the book. The fault is that the book is in sattva-guna and the reader is in tamo-guna. This mismatch between the nature of the book and the reader makes it impossible to understand. I’m giving all these suggestions without any ill will. I hope you will take it in the spirit it is given.


    Thanks for your feedback. I will work on your suggestions.

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