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Ashish Dalela

Can human beings come into contact with the divinities?

Yes, we can know and experience the divinities. In fact, we are constantly in touch with the divinities, but we don’t understand that. For example, Surya or the Sun demigod is sending us sunlight. If we go out during the day, then we are in contact with the Sun god. But we don’t know that we are. We just think it is light because we don’t understand that the source of light is indicated in the light particle, but as a deeper level reality. We just perceive light by the senses and don’t understand the source. Why? Because that source is perceived by the mind. Through the eyes, you can see color. But by the mind, you can see the source of light, present in the color. If mental perception is advanced, then by that perception we can see the source.

Yes, they can come into contact with us, but can we do the same?  Can we communicate with them with language for example?  Or through what form can we communicate with them?

Our thoughts are encoded in a common natural language, regardless of what language we speak in–English, French, etc. Just like in a computer, there is a native language of 1s and 0s, and then there are other human-readable programmable languages like Java, Python, C, etc. The common natural language is understood both by demigods and God. This is the basis of communication. So, yes, we can pray in our language, and the prayer can be understood by the recipient.

If we can, can we knowingly receive information from them?  As in, if they communicate with us, are they doing so in a way that we can comprehend and can we know that it’s this or that deity?

If you see a white object in a room with blue light, and you rely only on sense perception, then the white object is perceived as blue. It is because we cannot distinguish between the sources of light, and we think that if we are looking at an object, and it seems blue, then it must be blue. Similarly, we are constantly communicating with God and the demigods. But this communication is received like the blue light. Even when it comes to us from the demigod or God, we think it is coming from the white object, and the white object, therefore, seems blue. Thus, the demigods and God are speaking to us constantly, but we are unable to distinguish what they are saying from our ordinary perceptions. So, we get two messages — a white light (from a material object) and a blue light (from the demigod/God) and we conclude that the material object is blue. So, it is sometimes said that “God talks to us through the world”. Factually He talks to us directly, but we can’t make out the difference because we cannot distinguish between the sources. So we mix up white light and blue light, and due to our materialism, we say that the object is blue. However, when someone becomes a devotee of God, then he/she can see which message is from the material world, and which one is from God. By distinguishing these two messages (because the source is in the message), such a person can communicate with God directly and constantly, even though other people will think that he/she is only doing and seeing things in this world.