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Ashish Dalela

What you call messy, I call it reckless speculation. You don’t see a 10-second movie trailer and start writing your own script about what the movie should be. That’s not how it works.

The problem with philosophers is that they have a deep desire to conquer the world with their minds. They believe that if they can capture the essence of things by their mind, then they will become superior to the thing they know. After all, this mystery that defied us for so long has finally been subdued and conquered by our minds. But this will never happen. You don’t grasp the reality. The reality reveals itself to you. You become the mirror in which the truth represents itself. You become the Sakti and let the Purusa reveal Himself in our understanding.

The first step in this process is cleaning up the mirror. If the mirror is unclean, you can never see a clear picture. Cleaning means giving up all these preconceived notions, and becoming the tabula rasa or blank slate. We call this process the surrender of the soul.