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That we create our own reality goes against the grain of all our thinking tradition the West, therefore it is a proposal is quite unusual. Only exception comes from physics, where the discoveries in quantum physics do indicate to some degree that universe is something that is a dual process involving one observing part and one observed. This however is not something that is very much known fact, it is not something that we easily take in, it seem that the mind shuts such insights down and continue to go about the classical physics. The aim of my book is to try and show that for the general public. But for that to be possible I need help from where it all started, it all started in the Vedas.
I suggest the following; for us Westerners could it not be an easier way into the very novel concept of mind creating reality, to literary show this from perception? This is easier and not too hard to understand, we all have access to perception. But still there seem to be some fundamental misunderstanding when it comes to how reality is constructed. Most people do not see that it is constructed from bottom starting with the very fundamental going to be more advanced.
Another approach could be to state that everything created in the universe is real. Therefore thoughts, mind, intentions and reflection are all real substances, no less than matter only different.  If one ponder that it soon becomes clear, that thinking and wiling is quite literary actions that creates and manipulates. Wanting or thinking, something is no less productive than building a house. Once that is realized it is quite is to see that we become more empowered and free.
Something that can start the thinking is also paradoxes, we have a lot of them in western thinking. When one see that one’s thinking is leading into a paradox that make people to start rethinking.  Maybe some more than the mind-body problem could aid in this mission?