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Ashish Dalela

Yes, you are right about the first two paragraphs. As regards the third, there is an objective space and an objective time. By objective, I mean separate from us. The soul can leave the world, and the world would still be moving. So it doesn’t depend on any of the individual souls. However, as regards our experience is concerned, there is a subjective sense of time that appears as our age, and it can be elongated or shortened. Similarly, there is a subjective sense of space, which can be elongated or shortened, and it appears as the size of our body and the domain of our experience. In some sense, these personal spaces are ‘relative’, although not equivalent because they don’t produce the same experience. They can be called equivalent in terms of the laws of nature, as there is indeed a moral law of action and consequence that is universal. Time in Vedic philosophy is a cause of changes. Matter is inert. In modern science, matter is the cause and time is inert. Due to this inertness, even the arrow of time is unsolvable in modern science.