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Ashish Dalela

I describe the ‘collapse’ as the outcome of the interaction of three kinds of possibilities. The first I call ‘ability’. It exists as the material body, and as the external material objects. Like a gun has the ability to shoot, similarly, all material objects are possibilities of action. The second I call ‘purpose’. It exists materially but it is not observable by the senses. The third I call ‘opportunity’, which is the availability to act. For example, to eat some food, you must have the ability to eat, the opportunity to eat, and the purpose or desire to eat. Eating combines these three.

When quantum theory speaks about ‘collapse’, it is reduced to a ‘choice’, and consciousness is implied. But if we involve consciousness in this way, then how do we explain all the things that are happening in the body without conscious awareness — e.g. blood circulation, immunity, etc.? So, the ‘collapse’ needs a material explanation, not consciousness, but must involve different kinds of material categories, beyond the current material category of ‘ability’ in matter.

The use of manasprana, and vak is not incorrect, but it is a partial explanation. It leaves out my desire and the opportunity. I may have the idea, and prana is used to express it in speech. But I must also have the desire to express, and the opportunity to express. The three kinds of possibilities, together with prana, are controlled by the influence of time. This is why events occur automatically without the conscious intervention of the conscious observer.