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Ashish Dalela

This is somewhat stepping into unknown territory for me. My understanding is that the unconscious stores everything. There is a record of all events, which is why some people do past live regressions or regressions of the unconscious. There used to be a TV program in India where a hypnotist used to hypnotize people (they did not show how the hypnosis was done) but thereafter people used to remember their past lives, how they died, where they were. I don’t watch TV, but I remember one episode in which a person died during India’s struggle for freedom.

I’m not an expert on the data on reincarnation, but going by the very sketchy knowledge I have, yes, it is possible to get your past life memories through some process, although in some cases these things are automatically manifesting in someone’s memory. Intelligence is also involved in conscious recall, but here I think we are talking about unconscious impressions. Again, I don’t want to speculate, but I think someone has to do a deeper study on hypnotic regressions to understand how much of the unconscious exists from past lives.