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Ashish Dalela

Yes, my understanding is also that the soul doesn’t ‘move’, as in from different parts of the world. It is merely the sense of proximity to things that makes it think that it is inside the world. This proximity to things is an illusion. Just like right now you are not ‘near’ your computer. I mean even your body is not near the computer. The body and the computer are conceptually different things and in the conceptual space, they are far apart. But they are interacting with each other. By this interaction, proximity is created. So, real proximity and apparent proximity are different.

There are three kinds of real distance/proximity. The first is emotional distance/proximity. When we are attached to something, we feel we are close to them. The second is the conceptual proximity, just like two tables are conceptually similar so they are near. A table and chair are far because they are conceptually different. The third is relational proximity. As a father, I’m close to my child because there is a relation. As a citizen, the relation is not that close. These are three real types of distance/proximity. Then there is the physical proximity which is an illusion. Just like you think you are in America. That is a total illusion. You are just interacting with certain things, which are interacting with other things, and they collectively create the illusion called ‘America’. If you closely interact, then the proximity increases, distance decreases.

In modern science, especially relativity, there is this idea that force and space-time are the same things. But they still assume a space-time and then overlay matter on it. So, they are separating the two, but in some sense, they realize that they cannot truly separate them. We are saying something different. There are real spaces of relations, concepts, and emotions. Then from this real space, an illusory perceptual space is created which makes us think we are close.

This is as far as matter is concerned. Then the relation between matter and soul. The same principle applies. If we interact closely with matter we think we are near to it, and from the nearness, we think we are inside the body, inside this world, etc. When we stop interacting, the world disappears. So, the soul is not inside anything. It is just interacting with these things, and that interaction creates the sense of proximity/distance, which is an illusion.

Does it mean that we never ‘go’ to Godhead? Yes, in a sense. We just interact with the spiritual world, and by the same measure, we think we are inside the spiritual world. The stronger you interact the closer you are. So, this proximity is created by the ‘force’ of interaction. Factually God and we are different emotionally, conceptually, and relationally. This difference means we are far apart. But by a strong force of interaction, we can seem to be very close. Thus, if this force is increased, then even in this world we can interact with God. It would seem we are very close to God. The principle of attraction and how it creates proximity is the same everywhere.