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Ashish Dalela

They can be the same size and different sizes, and there is no contradiction.

Think of a virtual reality headset. There can be many virtual reality headsets that have the same size — if you look at them from the outside. But depending on the program loaded in the game that the virtual reality headset is showing, one ‘universe’ can seem bigger than another.

The difference arises not because of the virtual reality headset. It is due to the program or game loaded into the headset. If the game is simple, then you are probably playing inside a fortress trying to find the enemy, save some princess, take some hidden gold, etc. Your ‘universe’ is confined to that fortress. But if the game is complex, then you are traveling between planets and galaxies, seeing different places in the universe, and your ‘universe’ is very big.
What we call the ‘universe’ is like that virtual reality headset. The soul is not ‘inside’ the universe. It is just being shown a vision. The vision can be simple or complicated. If it is complicated it seems that the universe is bigger. It depends on how much information has been packed into the program. If you pack less, then it is small; if you pack more it is very big.

Finally, the multiple universes in Vedic philosophy have nothing to do with the ‘multiverse’ in modern science. They are two completely different ideas. In the ‘multiverse’ phenomena, the universes are constantly dividing and expanding with everything you experience. Therefore, in one universe there is a version of Danakeli who did not ask this question and did not see the response. In this universe, she asked and saw a response. So Danakeli is not one person. She is rather infinite — and constantly increasing — number of personalities at every moment.