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Ashish Dalela

There are five types of rasa and relationship to God — santa (admirer), dasya (servant), sakhya (friend), vatsalya (paternal/maternal), and madhurya (conjugal). In none of these relationships, the soul is the child while God is the father or mother. The soul is always treated as an adult rather than a child. God can become the child, but the soul is always an adult.

Then why do we say that we are the ‘children’ of God? The answer is that the soul is a child just like ‘red’ is the child of ‘color’, and ‘square’ is a child of ‘shape’. In computer programming, there is the notion of ‘parent class’ and ‘child class’. For example, ‘shape’ is a parent class and ‘square’ is a child class. This child is a part of the whole. For example, ‘shape’ includes all the different types of shapes such as ‘square’, ‘circle’, ‘triangle’, etc. The soul is similarly a child and a part.

Parenthood generally means that the parent is responsible for the child because the child is ignorant. By that token, the child has no freedom because the parent controls the child. Such type of parent-child relationship doesn’t exist between God and soul. The soul is free, and God doesn’t take the responsibility for the child, nor does He force the child to do anything.

In short, we have been created as children because we are parts. But we have been given freedom so we are adults. As adults, we can misuse the freedom and God is not the parent in this case. But if we surrender to God, then God is the controller, and hence He takes responsibility. In terms of rasa and relationship, God is never the parent; He can however be the child.

The correct way to approach this question is not to say that we are children of God but that we are servants of God. The master takes care of the servant if the servant is faithful. If the servant is unfaithful, the master will kick the servant out. From a relationship perspective, the soul is a servant. But God takes care of the servant just like a parent takes care of children.

God is also an indulgent parent in the sense that He gives you ideas and inspiration even if they are about how to fight God. But by giving that inspiration He doesn’t become responsible for it. God can inspire the soul to do evil if the soul wants to be evil. So, God doesn’t necessarily do what is best for you. He helps you do what you want to do, keeping you always responsible.

The idea that because God is the Father so He will take care of me regardless of whatever I do is false. We are eternal beings. In this eternity you should have grown up into an adult.