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Ashish Dalela

Could you elaborate more on this? What is the function of the head, hands, feet, stomach etc?

Do I need to say? Isn’t it obvious what these body parts do?

Also what is the relationship between the chemicals in the brain (like neurotransmitters) and the perception of those neurotransmitters (qualia), which must be in a hierarchically higher space?

Neurotransmitters are not qualia. They are carrying information from the different body parts and this information has to be described semantically. Something becomes qualia when it combines with the sense. Otherwise, it remains a physical property. Redness is a color, and it becomes red only when it combines with color. Otherwise, it is not redness. And color is not color unless it combines with seeing. Meaning is created in this combination. Otherwise, it is a physical property. You are thinking like the biochemist in terms of physics rather than meaning.