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Harsha Matadhikari

I always wanted to understand the meaning of inverted tree in Bhagavadgeetha. It is one of the most difficult verses for me. I paste it here for reference.
(1) ūrdhva mūlaṃ adhaḥ ṣākhaṁ ashvatthaṁ prāhuravyayaṁ
chandāmsi yasya parṇāni yastaṁ veda sa vedavit
(2) adhaschōrdhvaṃ prasṛitāstasya ṣākguṇa pravṛddhā viṣaya pravālāḥ |
adhaṣca mūlāni anusantatāni karmānubandhīni manuṣya lōke ||
The first shloka is just definition and easy to understand. In the second the analogy is explained thus: “the three attributes are in the form of the roots. The branches are in the bottom that contains all the life bounded by the karma.”
My understanding is that root is said to be on top because they are receptors. Just like root absorbs nourishment, the three attributes ever present in the universe is absorbed by the roots of this tree. And just like leaves and trunks various class off organisms and individuals among them too receive these attributes in various proportion based on their karma. And the result is present in the fruits.
If this is right, My questions are:
1. Why reverse tree?
2. Who enjoys the karmaphala, it should be the same individual but in the tree model karmaphala is enjoyed from an entity other than the tree.