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Themel 5436

When I say it is unavoidable, I am not trying to hike or rationalize a bad habit. What you say is real and it happens although I do not think it is my case. When I tell you that I have studied some anthropology it was as a tool, books are travel tools. I go to places, I experience the culture and then as a complement I inform myself with a book. The issue of evil is simply a descriptive part of that reality and when I say that it is inevitable I am not saying: I will continue the same. No, because I have already said that there is an opportunity to get out of it and dance with God. If you are in the system, it is inactivated, but if you leave it is already avoidable. In my country (Spain) I have gone to towns where they do a ritual where they hang a doll in the town hall and insult, stain, burn, like a ritual, this is how the people express their shits and problems, I have lived those parties and they happen over and over again because the person is still trapped in that system and it is inevitable, but if a person has a chance, he will free himself and have a chance to dance with God, it will be inevitable. Although I write about this it does not affect me, I pass on it, I only describe it because it was part of learning. On God, from him comes what we call Good and Evil, exactly, in Islam there is part of this thought where God disposes of good and evil, but he wants you to only dance with him. It is the soul that chooses. Even so I think that he has not answered my question about why God wants a soul to dance for him, I will have to learn this, I still do not understand. By the way, I know about Kashmir Shivaism because I started with a teacher in Spain, Barcelona, ​​I did not read it in a book. That teacher taught me that the best teacher is the one who does not teach you anything, in the end he he he is teaching you things but you are analyzing carefully until the change occurs.