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James Barton

Thanks Ashish,

As I understand it in the context of Samkhya: Purusha is pure unchanging divine witness only. All else including desires, thoughts, energy and physical body etc are Prakriti.

The idea of Samkhya is to realize the difference between Purusha/pure witness and Prakriti/matter/energy. For example via the Neti Neti technique.

A desire arises due to a delusion of lack which is itself caused by ignorance/false identification with prakriti.

Yes, desires maybe gross, intermediate or subtle but our true nature is beyond all such.

Purusha as “person” means an individual center of consciousness. According to Samkhya there are numerous eternal Purusha. Each being which experiences is an eternal Purusha.

Purusha as pure witness is unchanging. Only Prakriti is subject to change and vibration. Prakriti has no consciousness at all.

The genius of Samkhya is to separate Subject and Object where generally we confuse the 2.