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Ashish Dalela

The soul can move from one branch to another. The branch of the apple doesn’t have to produce a mango. This is because the mango or the apple is a covering of the soul. Just like the soul reincarnates into another body, similarly, the soul can change the body. That change of body is changing one’s desires and way of thinking. Then everything changes automatically.

“My work” is not my work. I have completely plagiarized everything from Vedic texts, and Prabhupada’s teachings. My credit is that I’m plagiarizing everything honestly, without changing it. Every word is very important, and if we keep that honesty, then we can understand everything. But the credit goes to the Vedic tradition, the spiritual master, and my credit is honest copying.

The amazement, if anything, is already in the Vedic texts. But we have to be able to understand and appreciate that amazing knowledge. Then we can also apply that knowledge amazingly. So, yes, you have to make the effort to study systematically, and then give this knowledge to others.

If we just take and don’t give, then after some time the knowledge also stops. Just like money grows in an economy by circulation, as each person adds some value, similarly, knowledge grows in the knowledge ecosystem if we circulate and each person adds their insights into it. Previously, the knowledge was circulating and growing, and when the circulation stopped then the growth stopped, and when the knowledgeable person dies, then the knowledge is lost. But if we circulate the knowledge, then it will not die, and it will grow, and more people will be benefitted from it. That will grow the knowledge ecosystem, increase the pace of growth, and circulation. So, it is our responsibility to learn, advance, and circulate, and these can be done simultaneously.