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miguel angel moreno

Very good answer. But to be clear, I am not from this Spanish school of philosophical materialism, I tend rather to Vedic philosophy or the idealism of Bernardo Kastrup.

About substances, they don’t believe in them either, there are no substances in their philosophy. But they do believe that there is a “fundamental matter” (they call it general ontological matter) that we cannot understand because it surpasses us, and that infinite modes of materiality emerge from it, such as physical, mental, ideas … that is, the universe is a yawn of that general ontological matter which for them is “pure act and infinite plurality”. I am not a materialist because they do not approve of the spirit, as Vedic philosophy does in other ways, for them death is the end because consciousness is not reduced to the brain, but is sustained by it.

I did not know that about Vedic philosophy, it is a system that I am passionate about, but here in my country, in Spain, there is hardly any of that, and if there is, it is not rigorous, everything is destroyed here.

So of course, for Vedic philosophy the spirit and amteria would also be information, but of a different kind, I understand. This is more plausible. It reminds me of the concept of Anima Mundi that the writer Patrick Harpur exposes in his book “daimonic reality” that I recommend you read.

On unity and variety, it is true that it surpasses it, especially the Trika Shivaism of Kashmir, although in the advaita vedanta there is much modern chatter and pseudo-religious, due to misinterpretations and inventions of others.