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Ashish Dalela

In the book Time and Consciousness, this topic is dealt with quite extensively. Specifically, gravity and the other three atomic forces are described as being of a very different nature. We can think of the particles studied in subatomic physics as words, and the gravity as the grammar, that structures these words into sentences. Words and grammar cannot be reconciled in a single theory, which can be used to understand why atomic theory and gravitational theory can never be put into a single theory. To think of them as part of nature, we have to think in terms of language.

As regards the coordinated movement, the entire universe is moving in a coordinated fashion, because it is just like a single organism. The different parts of the universe are not independent. Once we understand that there is a single organism, then we can understand who is the “soul” of this organism, which controls this organism, just like the soul controls ordinary bodies.

In between the structure and the soul is the third level of material reality which we can call “purpose”. This purpose can be used to explain the evolution of the structure. For example, if someone is walking, then the observation is that the bodily structure is changing. By that, we can say that there is a single organism. But why is it walking instead of running or sleeping? To explain that we must say that the body is headed toward a destination, and that requires a purpose. This purpose determines the evolution of the whole organism, and that evolution of the whole organism determines the evolution of the parts. We can also understand this in terms of the words/sentences in a text if we say that the universe at a given moment is just like a book, but that book evolves over time. So, the organism description is more advanced than the book. But unless we understand the book analogy we cannot understand the organism properly.

So, if we change our ideas of gross matter, and treat them as symbols, then we will get three kinds of causes — (1) symbols or matter, (2) organismic structures with functional parts, and (3) a purpose due to which this organism behaves. Once we realize that there is a purposeful organism, then there is no scope for materialism. These are discussed in Time and Consciousness.

This organism of the universe is called the Virata Purusha or the “Cosmic Man”. Those who cannot meditate on the form of the Lord, are recommended to meditate on this Virata Purusha. The reason is that even this universe is working by the will of the Lord. So, by studying the cosmic organism, one can advance in the ability to understand the nature of the Supreme Person.

It will take modern science a very, very long time to come to these conclusions. Every small discovery they make, they get excited like children finding a new toy. Then some children fight with other children over who will play with that toy. And each child wants to do something different with that toy. So, grown-up adults should not be overwhelmed by such things.