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Sai Saurab

Thank you for your wonderful analysis as always. You are right in saying that one should point the finger at oneself first and ask – why am I not doing it. One reason I had this doubt is that in my encounter with practitioners of Bhakti yoga, they discourage any endeavour other than the core prescribed practices such as chanting, reading Bhagavad Gita etc. For eg., learning sanksrit is discouraged citing “Nahi nahi rakshati dukrunkarane” from Bhaja Govindam.
As I understand, perfection in Bhakti is not dependent on knowing Sanksrit, but can’t it be useful? Similarly asana and pranayama are said to help keep the body healthy and the mind stable, so won’t they help in chanting better? Can’t they be seen as anukulyasya sankalpah?
Would really appreciate your understanding regarding this.