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Ankur Sethi

Thank you this was very illuminating.  I think you have presented this very clearly and these concepts of the difference between Vedic theism and modern theism is very well stated. And the differences between anti-atheism and theism. And also the idea of seeking Truth as a person is very well put.
Regarding Truth as a person. You wrote “Truth is a person, and that person doesn’t force Himself on anybody. In the West, truth is an idea, and you cannot avoid truth. But in Vedic philosophy, truth is a person, and you can avoid that person if you want.”
As you stated there is a fundamental difference on the nature of Truth. Is Truth a person or an  idea that the material world is discoverable by our logic and reasoning? If you say the Truth is a person then we must distinguish from a singular deity who is controlling access to the Truth. When someone is making a logical argument are they invoking this deity to perceive the Truth?
Is it more correct to say the Absolute Truth is a person, or would you say Truth is a person?