Shabda Forums started out as an attempt to answer questions raised by readers of the books published by Shabda Press and the blog posts published here. The discussion, however, is not limited to these books and blogs. Anything connected to Vedic philosophy and science can potentially be discussed.

At present, Ashish Dalela, the author of above said blogs and books tries to respond to every question, and engage in a fruitful discussion, with anyone and everyone who is interested in it.

This is not a “Hindu” or “Indian” forum. The audience is global. The forum is also open to anyone and the content posted here is searchable by anyone, including search engines. If you like to ask questions that are private, and should not be visible to anyone else, please use the contact page.

Since the content of the forum is complementary to Books and Blogs noted above, we highly recommend that you read these too. You can read the books and/or blogs, and post topics here. Or you can start with topics here, and then use the Books and Blogs later. It is better to ask intelligent and informed questions, unless you are a beginner. We appreciate and welcome your attempts to educate yourself.

Finally, we can note that authors and writers rarely engage with readers in a discussion, but this is not the case with Shabda Forums. While we can sit in our ivory towers and pretend to be savvy intellectuals, we make an attempt to help people understand, appreciate, and practice Vedic philosophy.

That generosity should, however, not be taken for granted. Please also be generous with your time in reading the other material. If you are already convinced that this discussion is pointless, please feel free to ignore us. But if you find it worthwhile to engage, please make your questions relevant and to the point. The rules of decency and decorum apply, of course. This is not wild-wild-west. The forum is moderated. So any offensive or inappropriate content will be silently deleted.